Top 10 Female Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

best female travel influencers
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The World’s Best Female Travel Instagrammers, Bloggers & Accounts To Follow

Instagram recently hit 600 million users before the start of 2017—up 100 million just in the last 6 months (Instagram Blog). While Instagram’s growth can in part be attributed to the roll out of “new” features (it’s adapted over from rival Snapchat), its mainstream adoption and engagement is spurred on by top power users namely Instagram influencers, social media stars, and celebrities.

Instagram’s popularity as one of the world’s top social media platform for capturing and sharing photos/videos has helped many image-centric categories, interests, and accounts reach acclaim with millions. With its jaw-dropping scenescapes, wanderlust, and insider views, travel Instagrammers, bloggers, and accounts have become highly-sought after by audiences and brands alike.

Why Top Female Travel Instagram Accounts Are So Popular

Instagram has made it possible to vicariously travel the world with just a smartphone. Top travel Instagrammers boast audiences in the hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions. More than just pretty pictures, audiences follow, engage with, and are drawn to these top travel Instagram accounts because of each influencer’s personal storyline and personality. To become a top channel on Instagram, these social media influencers build their social following and engagement over several years oftentimes engaging with hundreds of comments each day to share advice, tips, and insight to their fans.

The best travel Instagrammers and accounts provide timely, relevant, and recurring media showcasing their latest whereabouts and behind-the-scenes/first-hand experiences. As such, millions worldwide are eager to see new worlds and destinations one photo at a time from their favorite Instagrammer.

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The Top 10 Female Travel Instagram Influencers To Follow

With a combined total of nearly 9 million followers, these top female travel Instagram accounts represent some of the most frequented social channels for travel photography, adventure ideas, and travel inspiration:

1. Jennifer Mel Tuffen (@izkiz)

izkiz Top Female Travel Instagrammer Best Blogger

Jennifer Mel Tuffen is the world famous travel blogger and travel Instagrammer with over 2.7 million followers on her account. Jennifer is best known for her colorful shots, often edited by her own filter and app, izkiz Cam.

2. Angelica Blick (@angelicablick)

angelicablick Dubai travel Instagram photo model

A travel blogger and fashionista from Stockholm, Angelica Blick has captivated over 1.2 million people throughout the world. In her photos, Angelica will often model new outfits in beautiful world destinations.

3. Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust)

gypsea_lust Thailand pool traveling hotel Instagram

Lauren Bullen, a travel, fashion, and lifestyle Instagrammer hailing from Northern Australia, is the content creator behind a 943,000 follower Instagram channel. She roams the world with her partner Jack Morris, and has a deep passion for traveling and creating evocative imagery.

4. Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths)

Best Female Travel Instagram parisinfourmonths

Paris in Four Months is a 933,000 follower Instagram channel founded and curated by Carin Olsson. In 2012, Carin moved from Stockholm to Paris for four months to pursue her dream, a life in the city. Today, it is where she permanently oversees her Instagram account and blog.

5. Emilie Ristevski (@helloemilie)

helloemilie Top 10 Instagrammer Emilie Field of Tea

Emilie Ristevski is the photographer, storyteller, and wanderer behind her 903,000 follower Instagram account, Hello Emilie. Emilie’s work builds upon natural light and nostalgia often portraying her subject in an ethereal way.

6. Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust)

worldwanderlust best travel Instagram channel

Brooke Saward is a travel and lifestyle blogger that has enchanted over 574,000 followers with her whimsical wanderings. She has authored a book, World of Wanderlust, to inspire readers to live an adventurous life.

7. Tara Whiteman (@taramilktea)

taramilktea top female travel instagrammers

Tara Milk Tea, created and curated by Tara Whiteman, features fun and cute photos of fun foods and cool destinations. Tara, a former design and media student, found her calling through her Instagram account, and has accumulated over 566,000 followers.

8. Lauren Bath (@laurenepbath)


laurenbath Best Instagram Adventure Travel Photographer Wildlife

Chef turned photographer turned Instagrammer Lauren Bath skyrocketed in popularity in social media with her poignant photos of landscapes and the world’s flora and fauna. She was Australia’s first professional Instagrammer and has garnered over 461,000 followers.

9. Melissa Hie (@girleatworld)

girleatworld Japan Travel Instagram Best Post Taiyaki Food

Melissa Hie is the “Girl” in 359,000 follower travel Instagram account, Girl Eat World. Melissa’s trademark pictures involve culturally iconic foods and treats held in front of corresponding world famous destinations.

10. Kiersten Rich (@theblondeabroad)

theblondeabroad Instagram Top Instagrammer Travel Adventure Nature waterfall

Kiersten Rich is the California native behind her bubbly Instagram channel and blog, The Blonde Abroad. With over 308,000 followers on Instagram, Kiersten has visited 54 countries on 6 continents.

How Brands Are Partnering With Top Female Travel Instagrammers

Visit Dubai Instagram Marketing Campaign Izkiz

Travel Instagrammers are ideal for travel, tourism, and hospitality brands looking to advertise their destination, service, and/or brand to audiences around the world. Highly followed travel influencers are highly skilled at creating visually interesting content that can engage audiences from afar. For instance, @izkiz ran a campaign with Visit Dubai to promote tourism in Dubai during the winter months (above). In this series, Jennifer Mel Tuffen of @izkiz published photos of scenes of sunshine, oceans, and sleeveless dresses. Airlines work with travel Instagrammers as well to promote the general idea of travel. Tara Whiteman of @taramilktea and Cathay Pacific, for example, have worked together on Instagram posts in the past to generate excitement about flying.

Cathay Pacific Instagram Influencer Marketing Taramilktea

While partnering with top travel Instagram accounts can be one way for travel brands to reach wanderlust audiences on Instagram, many travel, hospitality, and/or travel-related companies have also seen success marketing with top social media influencers in related interest categories. To highlight the brand’s social activities, fine dining amenities, and more to aspiring and well-traveled fashionistas everywhere, hospitality brand Fairmont Hotels & Resorts collaborated with top fashion blogger and Instagrammer, Blair Eadie of “Atlantic-Pacific” across a series of 2016 trips.

For more information on Instagram influencer engagement rates across multiple audience interests, see our case study “Top 100 Instagram Influencers vs. Brands On Instagram: Who Wins?

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