Case Study: Comparing How Timex & MVMT Watches Market With Instagrammers

Timex MVMT Watches Instagram Marketing Influencers
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Instagram Marketing Case Study: How Timex & MVMT Reached Audiences Over 2M in 1 Week

Influencer marketing on Instagram is now a $1 billion market, and has become central to many fashion brands’ marketing strategies. Some brands, such as Daniel Wellington, build their entire marketing plans around Instagram influencers. Relying exclusively on top influencers to market its products, Daniel Wellington was able to grow from a $15,000 startup company to one of the world’s hottest watch brands.

In this case study, we’ll analyze and compare how two other top watch brands, Timex and MVMT, approach the competitive Instagram influencer marketing space.

Both Timex and MVMT work extensively with lifestyle and fashion influencers to market their watches on Instagram. However, the two brands differ greatly in campaign content and messaging. We took a closer look at one week of each brand’s sponsored posts in order to compare key strategies, metrics, and results.

Key Metrics for Timex & MVMT’s Instagram Influencer Campaigns


Campaign Size: Timex leveraged 22 influencers with an average of 85,000 followers each to create 27 sponsored posts.

Audience: The total potential reach of the campaign was 2.3 million people.

Results: The posts received 86,000 likes & 1,000 comments with an overall engagement rate of 7.5%.


Campaign Size: MVMT leveraged 62 influencers with an average of 47,000 followers each to create 73 sponsored posts.

Audience: The total potential reach of the campaign was 3.4 million people.

Results: The posts received a total of 100,000 likes & 2,800 comments with an overall engagement rate of 6%.

Key Differences Between Timex & MVMT’s Influencer Campaign Messaging

One of the most notable differences between the two brands’ strategies can be seen in the captions of their sponsored posts. Almost all of MVMT’s sponsored posts included a discount code in the caption, as well as the hashtag #JoinTheMVMT.

In the examples below, Liza Herland and Tag Williams invite their followers to use their custom discount codes to receive $15 or 10% off their next MVMT watch purchase. By including the influencer’s name in each discount code, MVMT created an easy way to track conversion rates.

MVMT Sponsored Instagram Post Liza Herlands

MVMT Sponsored Instagram Post Tag Williams

Timex’s sponsored posts, on the other hand, included more personalized messaging and were unified by the hashtag #TakeTime. Each Timex influencer described something they take time to do, creating an overarching theme for the campaign.

For example, in the Timex sponsored posts below, Kate Valdez encourages her fans to take time to realize how blessed they are and Drew Jessup encourages his followers to take time to enjoy warm summer nights. Timex’s use of more personalized captions created a cohesive campaign that may have been more effective at raising brand awareness.

Timex Watch Sponsored Instagram Post Kate Valdez

Timex Watch Sponsored Instagram Post Drew Jessup

Timex & MVMT’s Influencer Selection Strategies

Another difference between the campaigns was in the number of influencers selected. MVMT worked with nearly 3X as many influencers as Timex, but the average Timex influencer had about twice as many followers as the average MVMT influencer. Discovering the right influencers for a campaign takes time, as does coordinating of posts and contracts. By working with a smaller pool of larger influencers, Timex was able to lower the costs of campaign coordination.

Additionally, working with fewer influencers enables a brand to focus more on quality than quantity. Some sources suggest that smaller influencers tend to earn higher engagement rates. However, Timex actually achieved a higher engagement rate than MVMT despite using larger influencers. This shows that Timex’s choice to leverage larger influencers positively impacted the quality of its campaign.

Timex & MVMT’s Campaign Results: Key Takeaways

Both campaigns reached large audiences and had relatively high engagement. MVMT was able to reach more people and receive more likes and comments due to its decision to leverage a larger number of influencers. However, Timex had the higher engagement rate, and its decision to leverage fewer influencers likely eased the costs of campaign management.