Doritos Scores On Social with TikTok Hashtag Challenge During Super Bowl

TikTok Hashtag Challenge Doritos SuperBowl

What is a TikTok Hashtag Challenge?

Challenges are an integral part of the short-form video app. Mobile users record themselves attempting to perform a challenge, and post the content with a denoted hashtag. Often times users take it upon themselves to seek out other users to challenge or ‘duet’ with.

If a TikTok Hashtag Challenge gains momentum on the app, or ends up on the For You page, the challenge can garner millions of views across all social media platforms. Top TikTok Hashtag Challenge trends include lip syncing, using AR filters, compiling duets with top creators, and more.

Trending TikTok dances make up many of the most popular videos on the app, with the search for “tiktok dance” doubling in volume since December 2019.

Sponsors have been getting in on the viral trend by creating their own branded challenges to garner interest and engagement. Jimmy Fallon was one of the first celebrities to jump on the wagon, starting a ‘Tumbleweed Challenge’ as one of TikTok’s first influencer collaborations on the platform.

Brands like Chipotle, Mucinex, Walmart, and GymShark have all marketed to Gen Z users on TikTok using branded TikTok Hashtag Campaigns. By sponsoring TikTok Hashtag Challenges, brands essentially turn users into brand content creators.

Musicians, dancers and singers are thriving on the short-from entertainment app with entertainers acknowledging TikTok as a great way to grow a fan base and promote their music.

Nothing, however, is quite like the case of Lil Naz X’s “Old Town Road.” TikTok skyrocketed Lil Nas X to mainstream popularity with his catchy tune after his sound clip was part of a viral TikTok Hashtag Challenge. After landing a record deal from his immediate fame, the aspiring artist broke records with his song placing #1 for 17 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

Lil Nas X Partners with Doritos for a #CoolRanchDance In The Wild West

In one of his largest collaborations yet, the TikTok-grown star recently partnered with Doritos in their 2020 Super Bowl ad to star as the sheriff of “The Cool Ranch”. In the one minute ad Lil Nas X challenges Sam Elliott to a comedic dance battle to his hit Western jingle.

The video has over 12.6 million views on the snack brand’s official YouTube page and the commercial ends with the hashtag #CoolRanchDance, a hint for viewers to discover more on social media.

TikTok Hashtag Challenge Doritos Case Study

So far 2,776 users have created dance videos using the dance challenge’s official sound clip on TikTok. Most of the user-generated #CoolRanchDance videos feature a western transformation transition, dance moves, and– a bag of Doritos.


  • Create an active and meaningful connection with fans by inviting them to participate in the brand’s dance challenge.
  • Communicate Doritos brand philosophy to young mobile users and the Super Bowl’s massive audience.
  • Leverage TikTok’s ‘challenge’ community to generate brand positivity for the cross-channel campaign.
  • Encourage users to download the brand-backed to create #CoolRanchDance videos
  • Promote a renewed version of Doritos Cool Ranch Flavored Tortilla Chips



  • Channel – TikTok
  • Influencers – Six of the nine influencers who created sponsored posts were labeled as verifed influencers for the campaign as shown by the “official” overlay placed across their videos.


Campaign Examples

1. Montana Tucker

@montanatuckerWoah I can’t believe that happened!!! Learn this dance&duet with me! #coolranchdance #ad♬ Old Town Road – Lil Nas X

2. Josh Killacky

@joshkillackyMy alter ego is showing 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣duet my #CoolRanchDance #ad♬ Old Town Road – Lil Nas X

3. James Henry

@jameshenryBring the flavor to the party with #Doritos! Duet this and show everyone your #CoolRanchDance!🏇🏿 #ad♬ Old Town Road – Lil Nas X


Social Reach

  • TikTok fans targeted: 17.7 million fans



  • Hearts (Likes): 249,249
  • Comments: 2,436
  • Engagement rate (overall average): 11.11%
  • Combined views of videos: 2,997,900 views
  • Hashtag usage (in views) #CoolRanchDance: 1.2 billion views



  • Doritos image and offerings match up well with TikTok’s format and influencers.
  • By partnering with TikTok superstar Lil Nas X for a hashtag challenge, Doritos appeals to aspiring entertainers, as they are reminded of Lil Nas X’s sudden fame due to a hashtag challenge.