Case Study: Memeathon Features TikTok Celebrities

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TikTok Influencer Marketing Case Study: TikTok Celebrities Walk The Red Carpet In Memeathon

Rising social network, TikTok, has been on a growth-charged path lately. With 660 million app downloads worldwide and 500 million monthly active users, the platform has quickly become the digital world’s hot spot for short-form, music-centric videos.

tiktok celebrities

Successfully cultivating a community of TikTok creators, online personalities from other prominent networks—such as Instagram and YouTube—have started to join TikTok’s ranks. Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon have also become a part of the influx, connecting with TikTok’s audience through the app’s unique format and popular user challenges.

TikTok Celebrities Highlight 15 Seconds Of Meme-Worthy Fame

As TikTok has increased its user base, brands have begun to advertise on the platform through influencer marketing. The app has also partnered with popular influencers on other platforms, such as Instagram, to introduce other audiences to their unique format and community. Expanding into the realm of mega-influencers, TikTok recently collaborated with celebrity creators around content generated through their app that was then shared on other social networks.


  • Awareness – Showcase TikTok as a channel where popular celebrities are broadcasting and creating content.
  • Engagement – Encourage remixing and creation of content by using celebrity-produced sounds via TikTok’s app.


  • Channels – TikTok, Twitter
  • Influencers – Three celebrities

Preview Of Influencers

Kris Jenner, Paris Hilton, and Charlie Puth posted videos to their TikTok accounts with an original sound and the hashtag #memeathon and #ad. Jenner and Puth’s videos featured sketch-like performances, while Hilton directly addressed her audience.


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#ad I want to see your best remakes of this @tiktok #memeathon

A post shared by Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) on

Each TikTok celebrity post was shared on their respective Twitter profile, using the same hashtags. Hilton and Jenner also included a URL that pointed to an Apple App Store preview page for the TikTok app, while Puth went on to share his video with his 12.3 million Instagram followers.


Three TikTok posts:

Social Reach

  • Tik Tok fans targeted: 3,173,500


  • Views: 338,500
  • Comments: 4,364
  • Shares: 12,268
  • Engagement rate (views + comments overall average): 64.17%*
  • Hashtag usage: 9.5 million views for posts with #memeathon
  • Times the original sounds were used in recreations by fans: 558

*Kris Jenner’s TikTok post had an engagement rate of 178.35%. With more views on her video than followers to her TikTok account, Jenner’s post had a huge impact on the average engagement rate.

Three Twitter Posts:

Social Reach

  • Twitter followers targeted: 30,020,000


  • Views: 373,800
  • Likes: 22,002
  • Comments: 667
  • Retweets: 2,586
  • Engagement rate: 2.25%

Combined Posts on Both Platforms (TikTok & Twitter):

Social Reach

  • Tik Tok and Twitter fans/followers targeted: 33,193,500


  • Views: 712,300
  • Comments: 5,031
  • Note: Duplicate follower accounts likely

TikTok Celebrity #1: Kris Jenner

Television personality, manager, and businesswoman, Kris Jenner captivates an enormous audience across a variety of top social media platforms. With more than 25.4 million followers on Instagram, 10.2 million followers on Twitter, and 5.6 million followers on Facebook, the multifaceted Jenner credits daughter Kim with teaching her to “have fun” on social media.

The approach comes through in Jenner’s TikTok post, where the mom and manager—or momager—types away on her laptop and phone, playfully demonstrating frustrations and remarking, “Why is everybody so incompetent?”

Jenner’s TikTok post received 138,600 views, 2,299 comments, and 8,249 shares for a massive 178.35% engagement rate. On Twitter, Jenner’s shared TikTok post received 247,000 views, 6,436 likes, 256 comments, and 757 retweets for an engagement rate of 2.52%.

TikTok Celebrity #2: Paris Hilton

Coming into public view through Fox’s reality show, The Simple Life, Paris Hilton has gone on to become a household name and global brand. As a pop culture personality and businesswoman, Hilton has evolved with the ever-changing media landscape. In 2017, Vice published the article, “Paris Hilton Is Now a Meme Queen, Long May She Reign,” where the starlet was praised for her nostalgic, self-referential, and comedic memes.

In her TikTok post, a luxury convertible drives up slowly, revealing Hilton behind the wheel. Stopping and lowering the window, the heiress comments, “It’s Paris, bitch. And I’m back. Because I’ve never been gone.”

Hilton’s TikTok post captured 114,400 views, 1,610 comments, and 2,664 shares, for an engagement rate of 5.52%. For her Twitter post, Hilton garnered 28,500 views, 1,714 likes, 136 comments, and 318 retweets, resulting in an engagement rate of 0.18%.

TikTok Celebrity #3: Charlie Puth

Singer-songwriter, Charlie Puth, rose to fame through music he performed on his YouTube channel. Having now released two studio albums, Puth has stayed close to his online roots, posting regularly to his Instagram account.

Puth’s latest post on TikTok features the singer in skit form, getting into a car where the driver is listening to “How Long”—a hit from Puth’s 2018 “Voicenotes” album. After cautioning himself against saying anything via voiceover monologue, the video cuts to the singer leaning forward and blurting out, “This record really just makes you want to get up and dance, doesn’t it?”

Puth’s TikTok post received 85,500 views, 455 comments, and 1,355 shares for an engagement rate of 8.64%. Through Twitter, his post tallied 98,300 views, 13,852 likes, 275 comments, and 1,511 retweets, resulting in an engagement rate of 4.04%. On Instagram, Puth’s shared TikTok video went on to reach more than 1.3 million views. Both the Instagram and Twitter posts were captioned, “I want to see your best remakes of this!”


  • Partnering with celebrities can be a great way for brands to reach wide audiences.
  • While celebrities and other mega-influencers typically have followers in the millions, high engagement rates around their posts aren’t a guarantee.
  • TikTok content can be cross-promoted on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.
  • In collaborating with massive media personalities to promote their app, TikTok advertises its unique tools, while showing their platform as a place where compelling content and creators reside.