The Rise of Top Fashion Bloggers at New York Fashion Week

Fashion Bloggers NY Fashion Week

Top Fashion Bloggers Sit Front Row & Center At New York Fashion Week

As expected, this year’s NY Fashion Week was rife with stylish trendsetters and fashionistas, however there was one noticeable change in attendee demographics. No longer are the top fashion designers, print magazine editors, and worldly socialites the first names invited to the biggest-name fashion shows. A new set of industry leaders, the stylish fashion bloggers, sat in the coveted front row seats.

Whether it was the modelesque personal style influencers, the editors of top online style publications, or the well-known YouTuber beauty gurus, these top fashion bloggers were placed front and center, fully decked out in the brand’s newest designs. The strategic seating chart guaranteed that these top fashion bloggers had access to shoot and share those perfect Instagrammer photos.

How Top Fashion Bloggers Are Helping Brands Market To Millions Across Social

Brands across the board are finally embracing the immense influence and social promotion these fashion bloggers have on their target shoppers. As fashion reporter Elizabeth Holmes outlines in the latest Wall Street Journal, bloggers have “the built in distribution” that comes with already having an engaged audience.

Brands can now reach the millions of online shoppers who respect, follow, and align themselves with specific bloggers who have established themselves as experts in the fashion and style space. Inviting these top fashion bloggers to early access trunk shows, backstage fashion shows, and private brand parties encourages them to share their exclusive experiences on their blog and social channels, providing automatic exposure and increasing positive sentiment for the promoted brand.

And for top fashion bloggers? Well, who would pass up a free flight to New York and a brand new wardrobe!

Top fashion bloggers pictured above (top to bottom, left to right): 1: Could I Have That 2, 5, 6: Barefoot Blonde 3, 7: Sincerely Jules 4: Song of Style 8: Walk in Wonderland 9: Pink Peonies 10: Gal Meets Glam