The Latest Snapchat Updates For 2017: Redesign, Search Bar, & More

New Snapchat Update Features 2017
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The New Snapchat Update & Features

For Snap Inc., 2017 will be a critical year as the camera company moves towards it’s $25B IPO slated for March. The company debuted their first hardware product, Snapchat Spectacles, just in time for the 2016 holiday season with some forecasts projecting Snap Inc.’s tech to be a $5B (or more) product by 2020. As a 5-year-old company, Snap Inc. has revolutionized how entire demographics approach messaging, social behavior, and redefined social media content.

Just in the first month of 2017, Snap Inc. appears to be positioning itself for its IPO with a slew of Snapchat mobile app updates. See the latest Snapchat updates and features here:

Upcoming New Snapchat Updates

While these updates have yet to be pushed out to everyone, certain test groups and/or Android beta users are already experiencing these latest Snapchat updates.

Snapchat’s Impending Redesign

Snapchat’s forthcoming redesign features several updates (namely the long-awaited search bar and functionality) to aid navigation. Save for the savviest Millennials or teens, most users (including its superstar Snapchatters) have found Snapchat to be cumbersome and in many cases, counterintuitive.

This latest redesign addresses usability with emphasis on being able to navigate the app faster (TechCrunch).

Snapchat’s Search Bar Is (Finally) Here

Snapchat search bar redesign new update

Snapchat’s newest update features a search bar found atop all functions within the social media app. See the video below for a quick look at how Snapchat’s new search bar and functionality will work:

Snapchat’s Latest Updates In 2017: Group Chat, Custom Stickers, Shazam & More

These updates originally premiered in December 2016. Since then, Snapchat has continued to roll out improvements with each subsequent iteration. These include:

new Snapchat updates Group Chat Scissor Stickers Shazam

Groups (or Group Chat)

Like group text messaging, Snapchat users are now able to group message up to 16 friends with “Groups” (Snapchat). Like its standard Snaps, group Snaps disappear after 24 hours, however, users may still save a Snap by pressing down and holding the Snap.

Custom Stickers

Along with filters and lenses, stickers have long been a staple of the social media app’s appeal for many. Now users are able to create custom stickers directly from a Snap.


new Snapchat update Shazam feature

Old meets new as with Snapchat’s latest update, users now have the ability to identify songs through Shazam’s technology. Launched in 1999 (nearly two decades ago), Shazam is a music identification app.

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