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Influencer Marketing A Hit With Brand Marketers, YouTubers On The Silverscreen, & More

For this week’s Influencer Marketing News Roundup, we take a look at how brand marketers are leveraging social media influencers, the rising trend of featuring digital stars in both TV and film, and how YouTube’s No. 1 gamer, PewDiePie, raised over $150K for charity. Earlier this week, we shared how the best auto brands are now marketing on Instagram, offered a detailed look and tips for maximizing YouTube Annotations, the converging worlds of PR agencies and influencer marketing, and how Instagram’s latest updates will impact video marketing on the popular photo-sharing mobile app.

New Study Finds Influencer Marketing Hugely Popular With Brand Marketers

A recent eMarketer study, “Influencer Marketing for US Brands: The Platforms to Watch, and the Best Ways to Work with Creators,” discovered that marketing with top social media influencers is becoming increasingly more important for brands. The study points to the growth of ad blocking (as it precludes many traditionally important advertising channels and options) as one of the driving factors of brands marketing on social influencer channels namely YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Furthermore, the study notes how marketing executives have moved beyond “wanting to work with influencers,” to “determining the best influencer strategy.” The study also cites previous influencer marketing stats including PR agency Augure’s analysis that “61% of US marketers planned to increase influencer marketing budgets in 2015.”

In related news, Business Insider‘s Sarah Kimmorley writes that the “digital influencers of the world are as important in the marketing mix as Hollywood actors or models.” Previously we had discussed the importance of digital influencers for brands today in our article “Do Brands Prefer Digital Influencers Over Celebrities?” Kimmorley’s article further discusses rising trends in brand and social media marketing including how brands are now orchestrating Snapchat takeovers to boost engagement, drive awareness, and message new, untapped audiences on mobile touchpoints.

YouTubers, Digital Influencers Starring In Mainstream Entertainment

In an effort to combat declining TV viewership and drive fresh traffic to old media, many mainstream entertainment outfits are featuring today’s top YouTubers and social media stars in both TV shows and forthcoming films. This week, YouTuber Roman Atwood and co. released their Lionsgate feature film trailer “Natural Born Pranksters” chronicling their latest antics and stunts. Previously, Roman Atwood’s sponsored video with Nissan netted the YouTuber a win at the 2015 Streamy Awards for best brand campaign. To see more on how social media stars are increasingly being tapped for TV and film, see our in-depth post here.

Entertainment aside, many brands and companies of all industries are realizing just how integral social media engagement is for overall campaign success. As such, many brands are now boasting long-term collaborative efforts with YouTubers, Instagrammers, and Snapchatters for a wide variety of initiatives including content creation, event promotion, product launches, and more.

No. 1 YouTube Gamer PewDiePie’s $150K Charity Drive

Influencer Marketing News YouTuber PewDiePie Charity

With over 42 million channel subscribers, PewDiePie is arguably one of the world’s most influential and richest YouTubers. For his latest campaign with Charity: Water, PewDiePie and other top Youtubers raised over $150K. While impressive, PewDiePie previously had raised close to $500K for the same organization. These figures and campaigns are a testament to the immense audiences and consumer affinity YouTubers and other digital creators have in today’s progressively social media dominant world.

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