The Biggest Super Bowl 2017 Advertising & Social Media Statistics

Super Bowl 51 Advertising Statistics Social Media Infographic

The Biggest Advertising & Social Media Marketing Statistics From Super Bowl 51 [Infographic]

The Super Bowl is appointment viewing for many Americans, regardless of whether or not they’re ardent football fans. But the night’s also become prime time for tweeting, posting to Facebook, Instagramming, and Snapchatting. Social media plays a huge role in the big game, and advertising isn’t just something that lives in the breaks between big plays. The Super Bowl is one big living, breathing ecosystem of social sharing, advertising, and online engagement.

We all know that the Super Bowl is huge, but in order to get an idea of just how huge, we had to dig into the numbers. Here’s what we found.

Super Bowl 2017: Livestreaming & Social Media Growth Statistics & Trends

The big game is arguably the biggest night in American sports (and advertising), but what does that mean? How does all of the hype, all of the money, and all of the time and money spent to put on a gargantuan display of theatrics with a side of football actually translate to a demonstrable impact on viewers, advertisers, consumers, and denizens of the internet?

To find out, we took a good hard look at the stats surrounding TV viewership, social media, and the intersection of digital and traditional ads before, during, and after the Super Bowl. What we found paints a picture of widespread influence and engagement across platforms. Messages travel across seemingly dissimilar social groups and demographics to create a dynamic and evolving cultural reading of many of the year’s most influential ads.

Super Bowl 2017 Advertising Social Media Statistics Infographic

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