Spotlight Interview with Filmmaker & Instagrammer, Jordan Taylor Wright of Taylor Cut Films

taylor cut films Instagram interview
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Exclusive Interview With Top Instagrammer And YouTube Creator TaylorCutFilms

Jordan Taylor Wright might not be an immediately recognizable name, but chances are, you’ve seen some of his work. As an Instagrammer and filmmaker under the penname TaylorCutFilms, he has worked with the most well-known individuals in the entertainment industry, giving his social media followers a glimpse of what it is like to live the life of a superstar. Jordan has documented the lives of the trendiest celebrities, from social media influencers like King Bach and Rudy Mancuso, to top musicians such as Justin Bieber, Usher, and Martin Garrix.

When Jordan isn’t covering the lives of the rich and famous, he is photographing his own colorful and fantastic travel adventures as an independent influencer. Learn more about Jordan, and how he’s created his social media empire in our exclusive interview:

1. How did you get started in photography and filmmaking?

When I was in high school, in my freshman year, I took a video production class. Ever since that day, I never put my camera down.

2. What made you want to start offering photo and video editing tutorials on YouTube?

When I was first learning how to use new and different cameras, I would search online to try and find any tips or manuals. Now that I got all that knowledge, I thought it would be great to share it with the community of people who love photography and filmmaking as much I do.

3. What’s the most challenging part of documenting the lives of world-famous musicians and actors?

Finding the right balance between knowing when to document and essentially put their life on camera, and when to give them space so that the camera doesn’t feel like it’s invasive and intruding. At the end of the day, you want the video you’re producing to be as natural and representative of them as possible, without upsetting the balance of their life.

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4. Can you talk about the ways social media has enhanced or changed your career?

It’s given me a much larger platform to be able to showcase and share my art and work. Social media is an amazing place and community for like-minded people to consume and give feedback.

5. What’s your thought process when composing a photograph?

For photos specifically, since there’s no movement, I always try to portray something that tells a full story without having to give any context.

6. Is there a central theme or message you’re trying to communicate through your work on Instagram and YouTube?

My overall message is that we are all humans and we all have a finite amount of time on this planet. So why not enjoy it and spend as much time appreciating the moments we have?

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7. What are some of the best tips you can share on building a following on Instagram?

Be true to yourself and find a voice that is truly your own and stick to it. There’s a fine line between copying others and being inspired. Find ways to be enlightened by the people you aspire to be while also finding your unique style

8. Quickfire: First photographer that inspired you?

Photography is second to me. My main love is filmmaking and within filmmaking, I’d say old school Disney movies, or more recently Christopher Nolan.

First thing you thought of when waking up this morning?

I’m pretty sure the first thing I think of every morning is how hungry I am. But the second thing is wondering what exciting and creative thing I’m going to do that day.

First thing you’d save in a fire?

First thing I’d save would be Alyssa, and then my hard drives with all my footage.

9. What’s one piece of advice you wished you would have received at the start of your career?

How important human relationships are. No one properly talks about keeping in touch and being a real person. Always keeping an open dialogue with the people you meet is so important because you never know who you’ll cross paths with down the road again.

10. Any exciting upcoming projects or adventures that you can share?

I leave tomorrow to work on a special project in London with the Chainsmokers and I’m booked up until October with a lot of other exciting things in the pipeline.

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