10 Sustainable Blogs & Green Living Influencers Making A Difference

sustainable blogs green living influencers
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The Best Sustainable Blogs & Green Living Influencers Driving Global Social Change 

Bloggers are well known for their great taste and insider tips by readers worldwide. The best blogs offer a personal touch and connect with both niche audiences. Just as fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and travel influencers have found their place in the social media world, sustainable bloggers and green living influencers are becoming an increasingly popular subgroup. They present a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach the conscious consumer and champion altruistic causes.

Green living influencers are using social media to promote a sustainable lifestyle and can be can be leveraged to promote brands with the same aim. Here we’ve compiled the top 10 sustainable and green living influencers currently ruling the blogger space.

10 Sustainable Blogs Influencing Audiences Around The World

Both good for the world and good for business, green living influencers may particularly appeal to millennial consumers who are loyal to brands that impact causes important to them. Case in point, a 2015 study found that 9-in-10 Millennials are willing to switch brands to one aligned with a philanthropic or environmental cause.

1. Vegie Head

Adele McConnell, better known as “Vegie Head”, has been blogging on the topics of veganism, sustainability, skin care, and travel since 2011. McConnell originally started her blog because she felt that online vegan recipes lacked creativity. Today her blog offers a surplus of plant-based recipes, sorted by course, diet, and cuisine. She has also started the podcast “Easy Green”, published 12 recipe eBooks, and created an online plant-based cooking course.

green living instagrammer vegiehead

2. Green Global Travel

In 2009, Bret Love and Mary Gabbett took a vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii where they swam with sea turtles, visited volcanoes, and experienced several other natural wonders. The trip inspired them to start “Green Global Travel”, a travel blog that helps readers plan vacations that support conservation efforts and are kind to the environment. As a result of their blogging success, the couple has been featured in National Geographic and even raised $20,000 in donations for elephant and rhino conservation.

sustainable bloggers green global travel

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3. Elana’s Pantry

Through her experience of living with celiac disease and multiple sclerosis, Elana Amsterdam has developed a knack for creating delicious recipes tailored to those with various dietary restrictions. Her blog contains gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and paleo recipes to name a few. Amsterdam has also written a number of cookbooks, most notably the New York Times best-seller, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry. The mother of two has helped many and continues to post regularly to her devoted following of 352,000.

green living influencer elana amsterdam

4. Cookie And Kate

Kathryne Taylor of “Cookie and Kate” is a strong supporter of a vegetarian diet, which is kind to one’s body and the planet. The Oklahoma native is a recipe developer and photographer, and publishes new recipes for her readers multiple times each week. In 2017 Taylor also published a vegetarian cookbook called Love Real Food, which is currently the number one seller in Amazon’s vegetarian cooking section.

sustainable blog cookie and kate

5. Chicanol

Miami-based influencer and actress Laura Termini founded the multilingual site, “Chicanol”, in order to provide readers with nutrition, fitness, and relationship advice. As the site has grown Termini has expanded into the topics of natural remedies, mindfulness, and natural beauty. She has partnered with St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Go Red, and other philanthropic efforts, and remains a recognizable face in the blogging space.

sustainable influencer laura termini

6. Trash Is For Tossers

A pioneer of the zero waste movement, Lauren Singer is perhaps most famous for fitting an entire year’s worth of trash into one small mason jar. The New York based millennial runs to the blog “Trash is for Tossers” and offers practical advice for creating less waste. Singer has given a Ted Talk about consuming less and recently founded her own company The Simply Co., which offers sustainable cleaning products.

green living blog trash is for tossers

7. Sustainably Chic

27-year-old Natalie Kay runs the sustainable fashion blog “Sustainably Chic” out of Jacksonville, Florida and offers readers tips and tricks for creating an environmentally friendly wardrobe and beauty routine. Kay originally started in fashion but decided to change paths because she was unsatisfied with the industry’s business practices. She currently maintains 80,600 Instagram followers.

sustainable blogger sustainably chic

8. Sarah Wilson

Australian health guru Sarah Wilson is the creator of the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program and has helped people worldwide lead healthier and more sustainable lives. Based in Sydney, Wilson is also a proponent of a minimalist lifestyle and keeps all of her belongings in two suitcases. Her three books, I Quit Sugar, I Quit Sugar For Life, and I Quit Sugar: Simplicious, are all New York Times best-sellers.

sustainable blogger sarah wilson

9. Hello Glow

Stephanie Gerber started her blogging career in 2011 soon after she became a mother. Her blog, “Hello Glow”, focuses on DIY beauty and provides readers with homemade skin care and makeup recipes. Now a mother of three, Gerber’s blog has grown into a full-blown editorial site with contributing authors and brand sponsorships. She still writes on the site regularly and often sticks to the beauty recipes at the root her success.

green living hello glow blog

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10. Wendy Polisi

Wendy Polisi maintains a total social reach of 937K and delivers healthy recipes and lifestyle advice to her devoted readership each week. The mother of three has written 11 eBooks and two print books and boasts collaborations with Tide, Yoplait, and Toms. Her content is uniquely family-centric and appeals to young mothers juggling a multitude of responsibilities.

sustainable instagram wendy polisi

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