The Best Super Bowl Snapchat Stories From The NFL, Patriots, & More

Best Super Bowl 51 Snapchat Stories NFL
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During Super Bowl 51, second screens were almost as important as second downs. With approximately 73% of viewers using 2 or more devices during the game, mobile devices and social media are becoming increasingly central to the Super Bowl viewing experience. Naturally, this means that there’s a deluge of content in the form of tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, and, of course, Snapchat Stories.

Super Bowl Snapchat Stories From The Patriots, Falcons, NFL, Lady Gaga & More

We kept an eye on the most relevant Snapchat accounts during the game — the Patriots, the Falcons, the NFL, and Lady Gaga, as well as the official Snapchat Super Bowl LI story. Relive Super Bowl 51 by watching our “highlight reel” of the best snaps of the game here:

How The Super Bowl Is Becoming The Social Bowl

Publishers and advertisers alike are using Snapchat’s platform to push their content forward and to catalyze an evolution in audience communication that’s vastly different from standard tweets, posts, and commercials. In fact, as a part of a two-year deal with Snapchat following a 2015 season that drew over 70 million viewers to the NFL Live Stories on Snapchat, the NFL got a Discover channel on the platform — a key tool for driving engagement.

This year’s Super Bowl was one of the most social super bowls of all time, and a big part of the action was Snapchat. Almost a third of people ages 18-24 used Snapchat during SB50, and while numbers aren’t out yet for SB51, we know the snaps coming from each team’s center weren’t the only key Snaps of the game.

The Biggest Super Bowl Advertising & Social Media Statistics

Super Bowl 2017 Advertising Social Media Statistics Infographic

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