Instagram Marketing Case Study: Stella Artois' Oscars Campaign

Stella Artois Instagram Marketing Case Study Oscars Olivia Culpo
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Instagram Marketing Case Study: How Stella Artois Earned 9 Million Impressions With Its Oscars Campaign

Stella Artois’ elaborate Oscars marketing strategy incorporated influencer marketing, cause marketing, and a brand partnership, all rolled into one enormously successful campaign. In this Instagram marketing case study, we’ll focus in on Stella Artois’ sponsored Instagram posts with one brand, one celebrity, and six Instagram influencers.

Approach & Background

Stella Artois partnered with Olivia Culpo (former Miss USA), Marchesa Fashion, and a variety of prominent female fashion influencers in order to raise awareness for its “Buy A Lady A Drink” campaign.

The “Buy A Lady A Drink” campaign was launched in support of’s mission to provide clean water to the developing world. Stella Artois is selling limited edition chalices for $13, and each one helps provide 5 years of clean water to someone in the developing world.

Olivia Culpo’s custom Oscars gown, designed by Marchesa, featured beads made from Stella Artois chalices. The designers of the dress hoped to “evoke the mood of water”, and the result is unique and eye-catching.

What was already a solid marketing initiative reached the next level through influencer marketing. Both Olivia Culpo and Marchesa Fashion shared several sponsored posts about the dress and Stella Artois’ Chalices on Instagram, reaching 1.6 million followers each. To expand the reach of the campaign even further, Stella Artois worked with several fashion Instagrammers including Kat Anita, Erica Hoida, Brittany Xavier, Michelle Madsen, Gina Ybarra and Katie Rodgers to get the word out about the chalices.


  • Drive sales of Stella Artois chalices
  • Build brand awareness across social
  • Increase brand engagement through the #1Chalice5Years hashtag campaign
  • Raise support for and inform audiences of its mission


  • In just one week, the hashtag #1Chalice5Years generated nearly 200 pieces of content (posted by both influencers & users), 24,000 likes, and comments
  • Approximately 9,000,000 impressions on 20 sponsored posts
  • Spike in search popularity for “Stella Artois” on the night of the Oscars, February 26th, and in the weeks leading up to it (Google Trends

Why Stella Artois Succeeded

  1. Capitalized on the buzz of a major event

The Oscars is one of the largest televised events of the year, drawing in 30M+ viewers. By using the event as a springboard for the campaign, Stella Artois was able to take advantage of the organic buzz and press coverage that surrounds the Oscars.

  1. Use of cause marketing

Cause marketing is defined as marketing that supports a social cause in some way. 87% of consumers say they would switch from one brand to another if the other brand were associated with a good cause. Stella Artois’ use of cause marketing through its partnership with was a contributing factor in the campaign’s success.

  1. Use of influencers to expand campaign visibility

By using six influencers with a combined reach of 3.1 million followers, Stella Artois doubled the reach of the campaign. Additionally, since each of the influencers possesses authority in the fashion space, their audiences are a perfect fit for a fashion-focused Oscars campaign.

The Best Instagram Influencer Examples From Stella Artois’ Campaign

Michelle Madsen runs the popular fashion blog Take Aim. She shared two sponsored posts with her 317,000 Instagram followers to get the word out about Stella Artois’ “Buy A Lady A Drink” campaign.

Case Study Stella Artois Michelle Madsen Take Aim

Erica Hoida is a personal fashion stylist and the creator of Fashioned Chic. Below is one of the two sponsored posts she created featuring Stella Artois chalices, which received over 17,000 likes.

Fashoined Chic Erica Hoida Stella Artois Case Study Instagram

Katie Rodgers is the New York based artist behind Paper Fashion. She is known for her stunning fashion illustrations. Below is an image of her painting of Olivia Culpo’s Oscar dress, sponsored by Stella Artois.

Paper Fashion Stella Artois Case Study Oscars Dress

In this post, Olivia Culpo announces her partnership with Stella Artois to her 1.6 million Instagram followers. She shared 2 more sponsored images during and after the Oscars.

Olivia Culpos Stella Artois Case Study Oscars

In this post, Marchesa shows off its dazzling creation and explains its significance. Marchesa also posted 4 other sponsored images and videos on Instagram.

Marchesa Fashion Stella Artois Oscars Dress Case Study

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