Sponsored Instagram Post Series: Star Wars Marketing For The Force Awakens

Star Wars Marketing Instagram Influencers Sponsored Posts

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Star Wars Marketing With Instagrammers – Best Sponsored Instagram Posts Series

For this week’s installment of our Best Instagram Influencer Sponsored Posts Series (see last week’s here), we take a quick look at how the Star Wars franchise partnered with key brands and top Instagrammers to drive awareness, engagement, and adjoining retail e-commerce merchandising for the highly anticipated release of their new movie, The Force Awakens.

In their recent article, Entrepreneur details how Star Wars is a marketing force brands should study. Star Wars marketing with notable top social media influencers represents a larger overarching trend of how established brands are now effectively targeting and messaging today’s consumers on the platforms where time is spent most (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat).

See examples of how Star Wars is marketing with top Instagrammers and social media stars here:

Sniperwolf, JCPenney, Star Wars Marketing Collab With Sponsored Instagram Posts

Star Wars Instagram Influencer Marketing Sniperwolf JCPenny

In a joint brand collaboration, Star Wars and JCPenney partner with popular YouTuber Sniperwolf for a series of Instagram sponsored posts. The marketing campaign, which drives Star Wars’ branding and awareness initiatives, also is effective for driving online merchandising for retailer, JCPenney. Sniperwolf, a popular YouTube gamer with close to 2 million subscribers on her channel, also is a top Instagrammer (over 700,000 followers).

Adjoining Instagram posts featuring Sniperwolf in JCPenney and Star Wars’ marketing campaign:

Star Wars Marketing Instagrammer Sniperwolf JCPenny

Star Wars Merchandising Marketing Instagram Sponsored Instagram Posts

As part of a larger marketing trend, brands are now increasingly working with top social media influencers on longer-term collaborations (vs. one-offs) to produce sponsored content seeded across multiple social channels to further raise awareness and engagement. The JCPenney and Star Wars marketing collaboration also yielded a dedicated sponsored YouTube video showcasing Sniperwolf’s latest merchandising finds in a “Haul” style video

To see the 10 most popular types of YouTube fashion and make up videos, see our post here.

HP & Star Wars’ Marketing For Sponsored Instagram Sweepstakes With Artists

Best Instagram Sponsored Posts HP Star Wars

HP partnered with several comic book artists to promote their latest sponsored Instagram post sweepstakes #AwakenYourForceSweepstakes. HP’s sweepstakes involves tickets to Star Wars’ upcoming movie in addition to winning each influencer’s Instagrammed art.

Star Wars Marketing Instagram Sponsored Posts Viner Rudy Mancuso

As part of their joint brand collaboration with Star Wars, HP partnered with popular Viner Rudy Mancuso to remake Star Wars’ theme song utilizing HP technology. Increasingly more brands are leveraging the reach of top digital influencers like Mancuso by partnering with them on branded content endeavors (see the difference between Native Advertising vs. Sponsored Content vs. Influencer Marketing here).

Similar to the multi-platform social marketing campaign from JCPenney, HP does the same here with their YouTube video featuring Mancuso:

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