Sponsored Instagram Posts With Top Instagrammers

Best Brand Sponsored Instagram Posts FedEx How The Holidays Arrive Campaign

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Best Sponsored Instagram Posts Featuring Top Instagrammers

With the holidays in full swing, here are this week’s best sponsored Instagram posts featuring Jim Beam’s recent Thanksgiving campaign and FedEx’s #HowTheHolidaysArrive. Check out last week’s examples here (including brands HP, REI, Kohl’s). Although Instagram has made their native advertising platform accessible to all brands, many brands including the ones in our weekly series choose to engage their target audiences on Instagram by advertising with top Instagrammers or social media stars.

By partnering with top Instagrammers or Instagram influencer-driven channels, brands are able to leverage the reach of these social media stars and their audience’s engagement to succinctly drive awareness of new products, brands, services, and/or conversions online. Though some brands may opt to advertise on Instagram’s native platform in addition to collaborating with top Instagrammers (see the difference between native advertising vs. sponsored content vs. influencer marketing here), many are finding that Instagram’s native ads are largely disliked by its primary demographic (see this recent market study by VentureBeat). By partnering with top social media stars for brand sponsored Instagram posts and campaigns, marketers can not only successfully reach audiences, but perhaps more importantly, provide the much-needed contextual relevancy that is often lacking in traditional digital ads.

To see how these brands sponsored Instagram posts with top Instagrammers for the holidays, check out our post below:

Jim Beam’s Sponsored Instagram Posts For #JimBeamApple

Instagram Sponsored Posts Brand Campaign Jim Beam

For their latest Jim Beam Apple campaign, the bourbon maker partnered with a variety of top Instagrammers to showcase the spirit amidst both holiday-themed recipes and lifestyle inspired photography. Previously, other spirit makers have effectively engaged audiences on Instagram and driven awareness for products and brands including Casa Noble, Jameson, and Jäegermeister.

Sponsored Instagram Post Example Jim Beam Campaign

FedEx’s Holiday Sponsored Instagram Posts For #HowTheHolidaysArrive

Brand Sponsored Instagram Posts Campaign Strategy Gal Meets Glam

FedEx’s holiday campaign #HowTheHolidaysArrive features a major household brand creating innovative and refreshing advertising content on Instagram with select bloggers and digital influencers including Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam (pictured here above), Love Taza (pictured below), and Patrick Janelle (pictured in lead photo). FedEx’s campaign brings their brand and service directly into the forefront of where today’s consumer audiences are proactively curating ideas (from the Instagram feeds of their favorite lifestyle influencers) for the holiday season.

Best Sponsored Instagram Post FedEx Love Taza

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