Sponsored Instagram Posts Help Big Brands Reach Audiences

Best Sponsored Instagram Posts Weekly Brand Series

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How Big Brands Coke, Microsoft Leverage Sponsored Instagram Posts to Reach Audiences

For this week’s Best Brand Sponsored Instagram Post Series, we take a look at global brands that are leveraging sponsored Instagram posts to reach targeted, engaged audiences where time spend has greatly increased and recently surpassed TV viewership (Bloomberg). Though companies like Coke, whose product is sold in over 200 countries and who, according to Adweek, has an annual advertising budget of around $4 billion, have traditionally relied on big-budget ads at events like the Super Bowl, recent findings by Fortune Magazine demonstrate that multi-million dollar commercials don’t increase revenue 80% of the time. To more effectively target the today’s niche markets, more and more big brands are diverting advertising dollars away from traditional costly ads towards social influencer channels including Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Coke’s Sponsored Instagram Post with Vine Star, Zach King

To boost the efficacy of Coke’s $9 billion Super Bowl commercial, which features stars of the upcoming stars of Marvel film “The Avengers 2” sharing a coke, the company paired with Vine and Instagrammer Zach King to reach his following of 11.4 million fans. King, who uses video editing tools like FinalCut to integrate movie magic into everyday life, incorporates a foam hunk hand in his Instagram/Vine video to highlight the Marvel Avengers tie-in.

Lifestyle Vlogger Tim Bryan Creates Sponsored Instagram Post for Axe, Walgreens

Known for his Instagram and Youtube posts on fitness, fashion, grooming, skin, and DIY advice, Lifestyle vlogger Tim Bryan recently showed his followers how to get the messy, “just got out of bed look” showcasing brand Axe hair products. To increase the likelihood that fans will take Bryan’s advice, the post also features a link for a coupon for Walgreens.

Jack in the Box’s Sponsored Instagram Post with Instagram Influencer & YouTuber Faze Rug

To market their new sandwich to Millennials, restaurant giant Jack In The Box partnered with one of the internet’s most notorious pranksters, Rug Faze, to create a simple-yet-compelling sponsored Instagram post. At just 19 years old, Rug Faze’s 323k followers on Instagram and 1.5 million YouTube subscribers makes him a rising star in the world of social media influencers.

I got to try the new Double Jack….. You already know it was lit ? @jackinthebox #DoubleJack #spon

A photo posted by Brian (@rugfaze) on

Microsoft Targets Niche Fitness Audiences Through Sponsored Instagram Posts

Microsoft, another big brand with a near-unlimited advertising budget – Adage reports that Microsoft spent $1.1billion in 2014 – recently invested in a sponsored Instagram post with popular healthy lifestyle Instagrammer Laura Sykora to market their new product, Microsoft Band, to the niche yoga audience. In addition to grabbing users’ attention with bright colors and impressive poses, Sykora also highlights some of the product’s standout features in his post: “Next goal? Being able to swipe between my heart rate, calorie burn, UV index and notifications with a flick of my toes.”

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