Brand Sponsored Instagram Posts Series

Best Sponsored Instagram Posts Campaign Series

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The Best Brand Sponsored Instagram Posts From Top Digital Stars

For this week’s installment of our Best Brand Sponsored Instagram Posts (see last week’s here), we take a look at some of the most recognizable brands sponsoring Instagram posts with top digital creators, YouTubers, bloggers, or Viners on Instagram in place or in addition to Instagram’s native advertising offering “Sponsored Ads” (to see the difference between Native Advertising vs. Sponsored Content vs. Influencer Marketing, see our article here).

Brand sponsored Instagram posts can be a high ROI advertising channel for marketers seeking to leverage the established reach and engagement of top digital and social media influencers. With properly aligned and executed sponsored Instagram post campaigns, brands and advertisers can drive both awareness and conversions online in a profitable manner. To learn more about how to work with Instagrammers (including “How To Find Instagram Influencers”), see all our Instagram resources, guides, and how-tos here.

See which brands and creators collaborated for this week’s best brand sponsored Instagram posts:

REI Sponsored Instagram Post Series With Photographer Chris Burkard

Outdoor gear and wear company REI partners with self-taught American photographer Chris Burkard to feature several sponsored Instagram posts showcasing their brand through aspirational lifestyle imagery. Outdoor, travel, and adventure brands have been keen to partner with notable digital influencers and creatives across all platforms including YouTube and blogs. To see more on how these brands are working with content creators, see our article “How Digital Influencers Are Redefining Travel Marketing” here.

Best Sponsored Instagram Posts Chris Burkard REI Opt Outside

Kohl’s Sponsored Instagram Post Campaign #MaddenGirlAtKohls

Best Sponsored Instagram Posts Kohls Madden Campaign

Retailer Kohl’s just launched their holiday campaign with a variety of social media stars including prominent YouTubers, bloggers, and artists. Similar to Kohl’s influencer marketing strategy, many traditional retailers are partnering with top social media influencers to drive conversions online. See how top retailers are partnering with lifestyle bloggers in our market data research study here “The Biggest Brands Advertising With Top Lifestyle Bloggers.”

Aeropostale’s Ongoing Collaborations With Top Digital Stars

Best Sponsored Instagram Posts Aeropostale Free Year Of Aero Logan Paul

Top Viner and digtial creator Logan Paul continues to shine across several social media influencer sponsorships. Aeropostale, no stranger to creator collaborations with their ongoing partnership with YouTuber Bethany Mota, created a sponsored Instagram giveaway campaign #FreeYearOfAero promoted by Paul and fellow Viner, George Janko.

Joint Brand Sponsored Instagram Posts: HP, Capital One, Cosmo

Sponsored Instagram Posts Cosmopolitan Estee Lauder Danielle Bernstein

Joint collaborations (sponsored campaigns involving multiple brands and influencers) like HP & Star Wars’ sponsored Instagram post are becoming increasingly popular for both advertisers and traditional publishers. Other examples include: Capital One with Boston Cares, CoverGirl/Pantene/Olay/FLARE Magazine with social media star Alex Centomo, and Esteé Lauder/Cosmopolitan with top fashion blogger/Instagrammer, Danielle Bernstein.

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