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Best Sponsored Instagram Posts Brand Campaign Series

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5 Best Sponsored Instagram Posts From Brands & Top Instagrammers

In this week’s installment of the “Best Sponsored Instagram Posts” series, we shine a spotlight on the most stylish and striking brand-influencer collaborations we saw in December. There are many brands that are launching Instagram campaigns to engage with young audiences, gain relevance, and to refresh their image as savvy companies. These, however, are the ones that stand out to us—for their deft partnerships, attractive visuals, and clear messaging.

If this is your first time tuning in for our Best Sponsored Instagram Posts weekly series, here’s what we’ve recently covered:

Be sure to tune in for next week’s installment and check out this week’s best sponsored Instagram posts from Westin Hotels, Abercrombie, and more:

Westin Hotels Instagram Marketing Campaign With Social Media Influencers 

To promote its new family program, major hotelier Westin recently launched an Instagram marketing campaign with corresponding branded hashtags #eatwell and #wonderawaits. The campaign features beautiful lifestyle images with a specific kind of homey aesthetic—created in partnership with popular social media influencers like Johnna Holmgren of Fox Meets Bear. By strategically partnering with food, family, decor, and lifestyle bloggers, Westin boosted its relevancy with millennial families who value the experience of well-curated spaces. The campaign does wonders to make a major hospitality chain feel approachable, relatable, and warm. See how other travel & hospitality brands are working with social media influencers here.

Boursin’s Instagram Branding Campaign Strategy 


Boursin Cheese’s “Purveyor of Wow” campaign is focused on infusing elegance into its brand. This recent campaign shows Boursin cheese at the center of swanky dinner soirees. The brand’s thoughtful selection of stylish food and lifestyle influencers (like Beth, from Local Milk, shown here) clearly reflects a desire to brand itself as an upscale but attainable option. For consumers, striking visuals like this one create a last impression of the brand.

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Lifeproof Travel Marketing With Top Instagrammers

Lifeproof’s value proposition is that its phone cases are indestructible. It’s a bold claim, because mobile phones are expensive and are essential for many people—especially the Millennials that make up most of Instagram’s usership. That is why the brand’s selection of top Instagram travel photographers for their Instagram campaign fits so perfectly. Images of these influencers engaging in extreme sports (with their Lifeproof case in tow) sends a bold message to support their bold claim: these cases will hold up in all conditions. Check out our article “Travel Marketing With Digital Influencers: The Next Big Thing” for ways brands are tapping into Instagram’s 400 million monthly active users with aspirational travel and adventure imagery.

Abercrombie’s Sponsored Instagram Posts


Abercrombie & Fitch recently revamped its image. The clothing line—which was once aimed at high-school-aged prepsters—features clean lines, up-to-date urban trends, and a sophisticated muted color palate. As part of its rebrand, Abercrombie has aligned itself with online fashion influencers like London Scout of Scout Fashion to promote its new modern aesthetic. Abercrombie’s online efforts are another example of a brick-and-mortar store using social media to revitalize its image and create relevancy in a consumer environment that is skewing more and more digital.

Estee Lauder Marketing On Instagram With Top Instagram Influencers 

This post for Estee Lauder looks like a traditional celebrity advertisement. However, unlike most traditional celebrities, Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary has built her reputation in the fashion and beauty space. Several studies have shown that, for beauty tips and style cues, millennial consumers tend to trust influencers more than the starlets who used to dominate mainstream advertising. For beauty brands, this makes influencer marketing—specifically through Instagram—an obvious choice. An Estee Lauder spokesperson explained, “We want to be where our consumers are, and our customers and beauty enthusiasts love Instagram because of its visual and easy-to-consume nature.”

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