How Brands Are Using Sponsored Geofilters To Boost Organic Reach

Best Brand Sponsored Geofilters

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The 6 Best Snapchat Brand Sponsored Geofilters

No social media platform engages audiences like Snapchat. According to Business Insider, Snapchat users now spend up to 30 minutes per day on the app, and well over half (60%) of all Snapchatters contribute their own content on a daily basis.

For companies searching for a creative way to expand awareness via social sharing of branded content, leveraging the app’s Sponsored Geofilters is one of the easiest ways to spread the word about an event or contest, advertise a new product or service, or reach scores of Snapchat’s 150 million daily active users by appearing in user-generated Snaps and Snapchat Stories.

What Are Brand Sponsored Geofilters?

“Geofilters” are custom graphics that Snapchat users can choose to overlay on top of their Snaps and share with other users via personal messages or by publishing the content to their Snapchat Story. Much like standard Geofilters (which cannot include brand logos or slogans and are commonly used to promote cities and/or community events), Sponsored Geofilters may be created by brands and made available to Snapchat’s 150 million-strong user base (TechCrunch).

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Why Brands Should Use Sponsored Geofilters

Because Sponsored Geofilters are integrated within each user’s Snapchat content, these branded overlays are ideal for targeting the audiences of social media stars with millions of followers and ordinary users with a few hundred followers alike. Many brands have now invested in Sponsored Geofilters as a way to:

  • Promote a branded or brand-sponsored event
  • Announce the launch of a new product or service
  • Engage audiences at trade shows, festivals, or other large social functions

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How Brands Are Using Sponsored Geofilters

From Sponsored Geofilters that advertise a specific product or service to company-produced overlays that capitalize on a specific event, Geofilters are designed to increase brand exposure to Snapchat’s users in a natural, engaging way. Some of the best brand Sponsored Geofilters from a few of the world’s leading brands include:

Best Sponsored Geofilters Apple Music

1. Apple Uses Sponsored Geofilter To Promote Apple Music

To advertise their new streaming service, Apple Music, tech giant Apple developed a creative Sponsored Geofilter that would appeal to Snapchat’s millennial audiences. Snapchat users could integrate the engaging overlay into their Snapchat content, thus organically increasing awareness for the brand’s exciting new offering.

Best Sponsored Geofilters Express

2. Retailer Express Engages With Magazine-Style Geofilter

Though Sponsored Geofilters can be viewed by anyone who has downloaded the Snapchat app, like most social media marketing material, this type of sponsored content is most effective when shared among ordinary Snapchat users. To encourage social sharing, fashion retailer Express developed a Sponsored Geofilter that resembled the cover of a fashion magazine while also promoting the company’s newest products.

Best Sponsored Geofilters Cheerios

3. Cheerios Celebrates “National Cereal Day” With Sponsored Geofilter

Though Cheerios has been around since 1941, the General Mills mainstay still finds innovative ways to remain one of the world’s favorite breakfast cereals through creative social media marketing initiatives. For this simple-but-engaging campaign, Cheerios leveraged National Cereal Day to launch a brand Sponsored Geofilter aimed at reaching Snapchat’s millennial and teen users.

Best Sponsored Geofilters Samsung

4. Samsung Capitalizes On SXSW Festival With Sponsored Geofilter

Launching a Sponsored Geofilter around a popular and/or exclusive event is one of the best ways to get audiences to share branded content with their followers. For Samsung’s Snapchat marketing campaign, the tech brand developed a custom Geofilter that was only available to South By Southwest (SXSW) attendees.

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Best Sponsored Geofilters Taco Bell Alexis Dela Cruz

5. Taco Bell Promotes New “Quesalupa” With Sponsored Geofilter

To reach customers who spend more time on social media than they do watching television or reading magazines, Sponsored Geofilters (instead of TV commercials and/or print ads) have become the best way to promote a new product or service. In this Sponsored Geofilter, Taco Bell encourages Snapchat users to spread the word about the restaurant’s new menu item, the Quesalupa.

Best Sponsored Geofilters Broad City

6. Comedy Central Launches Branded “Broad City” Geofilter

To generate excitement about the upcoming season of the hit show “Broad City,” Comedy Central created a unique Sponsored Geofilter for fans of the show to use and share with their followers.

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