4 Addicting Mobile Apps Developed By Social Media Stars

Social Media Stars Launching Mobile Apps

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Why The Biggest Social Media Stars Are Launching Their Own Mobile Apps

We live in The Era Of The App. Today, mobile applications, or “apps,” have changed the way we do almost everything, from communicating to sharing our photos with friends to dating. To capitalize on this cultural and technological trend, some of the world’s top social media stars aren’t just creating engaging content for apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine, they’re actually developing their own mobile products for social media followers to buy, download, use, and share with others.

4 Examples Of Apps Launched By Social Media Stars

See how some of the world’s top social media stars have leveraged their audiences to create successful mobile gaming apps, editing apps, and emoji/sticker apps.

Viner Logan Paul’s “Splitmoji” GIF App

Vine star Logan Paul is well-known for many things, and one of them is doing the splits in front of/on some of the world’s most famous monuments. To expand his brand, Paul worked with ScStan, LLC to develop the first-ever customizable emoji and GIF keyboard. The app’s silly nature encourages users to create and share their unique GIFs on social media accounts, thereby increasing the awareness of Paul’s brand and boosting app sales.

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Dude Perfect’s Mobile Gaming App

With almost 12M YouTube subscribers, Dude Perfect is one of the most popular channels on the platform. To keep social audiences engaged between video releases, Dude Perfect released a series of apps—Dude Perfect, Dude Perfect 2, and Endless Ducker—made for users of all ages. The original Dude Perfect mobile gaming app picks up where the influencers’ YouTube content ends by letting users attempt impossible “trick shots” while playing as one of the Dude Perfect members.

Social Media Stars Launching Apps Team 10 Squadmoji

Team 10’s “Squadmoji” Emoji & Sticker App

Like a modern-day Rat Pack, social media supergroup Team 10 (which includes Vine star Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul) is a collection of digital stars who have teamed up to “take over Hollywood.” For only a few dollars, social media audiences can gain access to over 250 Team 10-related emojis and stickers, including cartoon likenesses of group members and catch-phrases that can be integrated into text messages or on social media content.

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A Beautiful Mess’s Photo Editing Mobile App

For years, the creators behind lifestyle and DIY blog A Beautiful Mess have been captivating followers with their unique style of editing photos and videos. To provide audiences with a way to emulate their gorgeous aesthetic, A Beautiful Mess created a successful photo-editing app, complete with filters, text, and other fun ways users can decorate Instagram photos (all while spreading A Beautiful Mess’s branded content to millions of Instagram users).

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