Social Media Case Study: How Segway Used Influencers To Launch New Product

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Social Media Case Study: Inside Segway’s Influencer Marketing Strategy

Launching an engaging social media marketing campaign—especially one that leverages the trust, reach, and creativity of digital influencers—is now the most prevalent way for brands to promote the release of new products. According to Fast Company, 93% of companies rely on social media marketing to reach consumers, and a separate study concluded that marketing with social media influencers yields 11x higher returns (ROI) than all other forms of digital advertising (Inc.).

In this social media case study, we examine how Segway partnered with several of the world’s biggest social media influencers to expand awareness about their new product to millions of consumers and showcase the miniPRO’s exciting features through unique influencer-created photos and videos.

Why Segway Used Influencer Marketing To Help Launch Its New Product

Segway may have been the original “people transporter,” but the brand was notably absent among the wave of “hoverboards” that captured the attention of audiences last year (Wired). To reignite consumers’ interest in hands-free travel and establish their new miniPRO scooter as the premier hoverboard model on the market today, Segway collaborated with several high-reach influencers to launch an extensive social media marketing campaign across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other popular social media networks/platforms.

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By endorsing a product—especially a NEW product that hasn’t earned a positive reputation or word-of-mouth recommendations—social media influencers provide a vital link between brands and consumers through authentic, engaging content.

Social Media Case Study Examples

To promote the release of its new miniPRO self-balancing scooter, Segway partnered with a variety of top social media influencers, including:

When you too lazy to hatch your eggs… W/ @segwayminipro

A video posted by Jerry Purpdrank (@purpdrank) on

Jerry Purpdrank

Social media star Jerry Purpdrank rose to fame on Vine, where over 9M users regularly watch the influencer’s comical skits and music videos. Recently, however, Purpdrank has been creating content for Facebook (where he entertains 3.4M followers), Instagram (3.1M followers), and Snapchat. For Purpdrank’s collaboration with Segway, the influencer developed a 60-second film to creatively showcase the product’s unique features while capitalizing on another social media trend, Pokémon Go.

When you’re not a morning person… W/ @akitanala_ @segwayminipro

A video posted by Piques (@piques) on


With nearly 8M followers on Facebook and 3M followers on Vine, former soccer pro Jon Paul Piques (also known simply as “Piques”) worked with Segway to produce a hilarious film around the brand’s new miniPRO. The short video has been viewed 2.2M times on Facebook and 350K times on Instagram, making the sponsored content hugely successful in term of both reach and engagement.

Unbox Therapy

One of the premier unboxing YouTube channels today, Unboxing Therapy exposes over 6M tech-loving consumers to new and exciting products. With over 1.7M video views to date, Unbox Therapy’s product review features an in-depth look at the Segway miniPRO, a demonstration of the hoverboard’s features and functionality, and, most importantly, a glowing review from one of YouTube’s most trusted social media influencers.


Thanks @segwayminipro ? This thing is dope!!! Check out my snap (carsonlueders22) to see me ride it!


A photo posted by Carson Lueders (@carsonlueders) on

Carson Lueders

Though Carson Lueders is only 15, the social media star has already amassed a following of 1.5M on Instagram and over 500K on YouTube, making the teenage social media star a perfect partner for Segway’s miniPRO social media marketing campaign. Carson created and cross-promoted content for his Snapchat audience as well, ensuring that the sponsored campaign reached the maximum number of followers.

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Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Russian-born YouTube star Zdorovetskiy has grown his channel to more than 9M subscribers by creating hilarious prank-style videos and directly interacting with followers across his high-reach social media accounts. To increase engagement on his Segway-sponsored Instagram post, Zdorovetskiy gave away three new miniPROs to followers who liked and commented on his content. The Instagram photo reached 1.5M users and generated 47K likes and 3.6K comments to date.

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