Will Snapchat Unboxings Rival YouTube Videos?

Snapchat Unboxing Videos vs YouTube

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Snapchat Unboxing Videos: The Newest Way To Advertise On Snapchat

Of the many different types of brand-sponsored or branded video marketing campaigns, unboxing videos (which follow a social media star as he or she opens, uses, and reviews a new product) continue to be one of the most effective ways to generate user engagement and organically promote a company’s products. According to ReelSEO, 1.6 million YouTube videos are devoted to unboxing content, and a survey by Internet Retailer found that consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.

To capitalize on the latest social media trends, today’s most innovative brands are taking what audiences love about YouTube unboxing videos—information about a new product, valuable reviews from trusted influencers, and the gratifying experience (albeit a vicarious one) of opening up a new item for the first time—and adapting the high-ROI marketing strategy to Snapchat.

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Why Both Brands & Audiences Love Unboxing Videos

Since the term “unboxing video” first entered the public lexicon in 2006, the popularity of these engaging and informative videos has steadily increased with both social media audiences and brand marketers. Recent data shows the number of YouTube videos with “unboxing video” in the title has increased by 871% since 2010, and the average unboxing video now garners 7,000 video views (ReelSEO).

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Unboxing videos have become popular, in part, because they capitalize on the gratifying process of opening a product for the first time. This type of “hands-on” content also provides consumer value by letting audiences experience a product through the eyes of a trustworthy social media influencer and become familiar with the product’s features and functionality.

According to Google, YouTube’s parent company, 62% of people watch unboxing videos when researching a product. This means that unboxing videos have a substantial impact on purchasing decisions.

The Rise Of Snapchat Unboxing Videos

To take advantage of unboxing videos’ popularity, brands like GQ and Benefit Cosmetics have successfully utilized Snapchat to produce and share unboxing campaigns with their followers. In a recent article, Digiday’s Yuyu Chen explains that Snapchat unboxing videos generally follow the same format as those on YouTube.

While still a relatively new way to advertise on the app, Snapchat unboxing videos may, in time, replace their YouTube predecessors thanks to several distinct advantages.

First, Snapchat’s unfiltered nature contributes to the perception of authenticity which, in turn, may boost consumer action. Second, because Snapchat unboxing videos must be broken down into 10-second (or less) clips, it is easier for content creators to seamlessly provide a variety of angles, in-depth looks, and on-screen commentary.

Finally, Snapchat’s new advertising innovations (like “shoppable” ads that let users swipe up for more information) may soon provide the simplest way for consumers to go from watching an unboxing video to purchasing the featured product on their mobile device. Considering that 76% of Snapchatters purchase products online, this last point may inspire many marketers to start developing unboxing videos for Snapchat instead of YouTube (Best The News).

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