Snapchat Spectacles: Product Demonstration, What's Included, & More [Video]

Snapchat Spectacles Video Product Demo Review How To

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Snapchat Spectacles First Look Video: Product Demonstration, What’s Included, Review, How-To & More

Snapchat Spectacles, the first of Snap Inc.‘s hardware products, debuted in November just in time for the 2016 holiday season. While the company forever characterized by its disappearing photo messaging app may have a few surprises for its remaining Spectacles rollout, for now, the video recording sunglasses are to be purchased only through also-disappearing vending machines “Snapbots” at select locations.

As Spectacles remains on somewhat a limited release (Snapbots vend roughly about 200 pairs before requiring a restock), we’ve created a short Snapchat Spectacles video (see below) highlighting product demonstrations, key features and functionalities, and what’s included. For more detailed information on Snapchat Spectacles including where to purchase, how to use, and more, please visit our Snapchat Spectacles: A Visual Guide To 2016’s Hottest Tech Product [Infographic].

Snapchat Spectacles Product Demonstration Video

Snapchat Spectacles feature a few key innovations namely a 115-degree circular video format, one-touch hands-free recording, autonomous video content sync (within user’s Snapchat app), and a patented charging case.

Content filmed with Spectacles will be available for viewing in Snapchat’s new video format which is designed to replicate a person’s normal field of view (FOV, roughly 115-degrees). The new circular video format allows the viewer to rotate and manipulate viewing angles captured by Spectacles for an entirely new viewing experience. The new content format can only be had from within the Snapchat mobile app (videos downloaded from each user’s Snapchat are saved in normal viewing formats).

To record, users simply tap the record button (located at the top left hinge of each Spectacles) for 10-seconds worth of video. To extend this initial 10-second bout, users can tap a second time within the first 10-seconds (or “Snap“) to extend total video record time to 20 seconds. A third tap in the same manner ultimately extends the video to 30 seconds, the max time possible for a Spectacles video record. While users still need a free hand to initiate the video record (vs. voice activation—Snapchat Spectacles 2.0?), once started, users can easily record their vantage point while keeping both hands free.

Once recorded, videos automatically upload to the synced Spectacles user’s Snapchat (they appear within the Memories section). To see how to view Snapchat Spectacles videos in HD and how to edit, favorite, title, and more, see our how-to video below:

What’s Included With Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat Spectacles Infographic Where To Buy

Each Snapchat Spectacles purchase comes with the following:

  • Spectacles
  • Charging Case
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Ghost-shaped Cleaning Cloth

For more information, see Snapchat Spectacles’ FAQ here:

Snapchat Spectacles Review, Insights, What Lies Ahead

As Snap Inc. gears up for its IPO (possibly as early as March 2017), expect the camera company to roll out with additional software features for both its first hardware product Spectacles and new revenue drivers in existing Snapchat video content and perhaps through its messaging functionality.

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By many early accounts, Spectacles represents yet another successful attempt by Snap Inc. to alter how media is both created and consumed by millions of Millennials. Snapchat’s signature impermanent content paved the road for many existing social media platforms to create their own vanishing media (see our infographic on Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories). With Spectacles, Snap Inc. has set new standards for video social sharing and pioneered a completely new media format.

Similar to how GoPro’s wide-angle video format is now familiar/expected, Spectacles’ circular video may one day soon become a popular and/or standard type of video format. Unlike GoPro though, Snap Inc. has baked in efficient social sharing through its 150M user base which for now gives the company a notable advantage.

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