Snapchat Releases Spectacles Functionality In Latest App Update

Snapchat Spectacles Live App Release Date

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Snapchat Spectacles Make Their Debut With App’s Latest Updates

On September 24, 2016, Snap Inc. (formerly Snapchat Inc.) announced its first foray into hardware products with Snapchat Spectacles. A month later Bloomberg reports Snap. Inc.’s possible valuation at $40B up from a private market value of $18B from its latest funding round and just yesterday, Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, quietly invested in Snapchat.

In anticipation of their limited release and availability, Snapchat’s latest app update now features new functionality and insight into their video-recording camera sunglasses, Spectacles. See our quick guide below for a step-by-step look at how to access Snapchat Spectacles within the newly updated app:

What Are Snapchat Spectacles?

via Snapchat’s YouTube channel “Introducing Spectacles

Snapchat shared the following on their blog roll announcing initial details of its next major venture, Snapchat Spectacles:

Snapchat Spectacles Blog Post Announcement

Snapchat Spectacles Latest Details, Specs, and Release Date

While Snap Inc. has shared several details on Spectacles, its release date remains unset. Snapchat’s latest mobile app update is not accompanied with further details of Spectacles’ release date.

  • Colors: Black, Teal, Coral
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Power: Charged via Spectacles case or cable
  • Supported Devices: Most Android and iOS (see below)
  • Mobile App: Snapchat (recorded Spectacle content is synced via Memories direct into app)
  • Video: Circular video capturing a 115-degree field of view
  • Release Date:landing soon,” slated for limited Fall release to select retailers
  • Availability: United States

Further details on whether Spectacles will be available for purchase, pre-order, and availability are addressed in our quick guide below.

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Quick Guide: How Snapchat Spectacles Will Work Within The App

Once in Settings (tap Snapchat’s ghost icon, then gear icon for Settings), you’ll see a new section “Spectacles” in the first category (My Account) below “Memories.”

Snapchat Spectacles Mobile App Update

Clicking on “Spectacles” brings the user to Snapchat’s pairing page:

Snapchat Spectacles Mobile App Update Pairing

Clicking on “Pair Spectacles” brings the user to Snapchat’s pairing page:

Snapchat Spectacles Pairing Instructions Mobile App

To end Spectacles pairing, click “Cancel” to yield the following page and return to the previous page:

Snapchat Spectacles Stop Pairing Mobile App Update

At the top of the Spectacle Pairing page, clicking on “here” brings up Snapchat’s general help page now complete with Spectacle support (Snapchat also recently launched their Spectacle Twitter):

Snapchat Spectacles I Have A Question Support

Upon selecting, “I have a Spectacles question,” the user is shown the following FAQs offering further insights in how Snapchat Spectacles work and their initial functionality:

Snapchat Spectacles App FAQ

Snapchat Spectacles Question Answer Pre Order Purchase

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