The Best Snapchat Influencer Takeover Examples

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns Influencers Takeover Examples

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Snapchat Marketing Campaigns: 4 Best Influencer Takeovers

With prices starting at $100,000 per day for Snapchat ads, advertising on Snapchat can be out of reach for many brands. However, with Snapchat’s mainstream adoption into increasingly more influential demographics, Snapchat’s marketing potential may be the only thing growing faster than its user base. For brands seeking to engage on Snapchat and launch/grow their own Snapchat channel, Snapchat “Takeovers” can be an effective and efficient way to reach untapped and vast audiences.

What Is A Snapchat Takeover?

A Snapchat Takeover involves Snapchat influencers or “Snapchatters” running a brand’s Snapchat channel for an entire day or more. The sponsoring brand lets the social media influencer “take over” their Snapchat account to craft and “Snap” engaging photos and videos for each influencer’s fans and followers.

The sponsoring brand and selected influencers promote the Snapchat marketing campaign by directing followers across all their social media platforms to tune in, engage, and follow the takeover on the brand’s Snapchat story.

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Why Takeovers Are Effective For Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

Snapchat takeovers capitalize on a social media influencer’s loyal audience and engagement to increase the visibility and following of a brand’s Snapchat channel. When a brand executes a Takeover campaign, it is immediately able to engage with each influencer’s followers who are eager to see their coveted influencer’s content on the sponsoring brand’s Snapchat channel. This interaction efficiently provides brands with new followers, a targeted way to drive meaningful engagement around events, product releases, and breaking news, and a viable communication channel for connecting directly with consumers.

Snapchat Marketing: Best Influencer Takeover Campaign Examples

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns Influencer Takeover Shiseido

Shiseido’s Snapchat Marketing Campaign With Jen Chae

Shiseido partnered with top YouTube influencer and Snapchatter Jen Chae (“From Head To Toe”) to launch their Snapchat channel with a Takeover marketing campaign. Chae promoted the Snapchat Takeover across her social media channels with the campaign hashtag #DayWithJenChae. For the Snapchat marketing campaign, Chae gave her fans and followers an exclusive inside look at her morning beauty routine made complete with the latest products from Shiseido.

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns Mountain Dew Super Bowl Takeover

Mountain Dew’s Super Bowl Snapchat Marketing With Top Influencers

For Super Bowl 2015, Mountain Dew promoted two new flavors for its Kickstart morning beverage by partnering with social media influencers Jerry Purpdrank, David Lopez, and D-trix in a weekend-long Snapchat marketing campaign. Mountain Dew’s cross-platform Snapchat Takeover initiative asked each influencer’s fans and followers to engage in real-time competitions on Mountain Dew’s Snapchat channel hosted by the social media stars. By screenshotting the winning pick and Tweeting at the brand with the campaign hashtag #Kickstart, audiences were able to partake with Mountain Dew’s influencer-driven Super Bowl Snapchat festivities.

Mountain Dew selected and partnered with top social influencers who align with the brand’s high-energy and fun brand messaging. Both Jerry Purpdrank and David Lopez are well-regarded as top breakout Viners who have mastered the art of creating enticing, highly shareable, short form content for trending video and social platforms. Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval, a former contestant and winner of the popular TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” turned popular YouTube star (with over 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel), collaborates frequently with Mountain Dew on their marketing endeavors.

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns Influencer Takeover Clinique Sephora

Sephora + Clinique’s Snapchat Takeover With Hannah Bronfman

Sephora and Clinique enlisted top fitness and beauty influencer Hanah Bronfman for a co-branded Snapchat marketing campaign. The Snapchat Takeover, which occurred on Sephora’s channel, saw Bronfman promoting both brands by sharing images and videos calling out and reviewing her favorite Clinique products sold at Sephora. On Snapchat, users must follow each account in order to view the account’s content. For brands, Snapchat Takeovers with the right influencers are powerful for increasing followers since each influencer’s followers must add the brand’s Snapchat handle in order to view the influencer-hosted Takeover.

Snapchat Marketing Campaigns Examples Disney

How Disney Advertises On Snapchat With Michael Platco 

To launch their brand new Snapchat channel, Disney partnered with top Snapchat influencer and creative artist Michael Platco for a Snapchat marketing campaign executed on both Platco’s channel and Disney’s ensuing new social handle, @WaltDisneyWorld. The campaign starts with Platco sharing news of Disney’s forthcoming Snapchat channel, generating buzz and excitement for the brand, and culminates with an elaborate influencer Takeover at their Orlando theme park with Platco at the helm.

Platco, one of the first breakout Snapchat influencers and a pioneer of the platform’s drawing features, frequently collaborates with top brands including GrubHub, CBS, T-Mobile and many others to creatively illustrate a brand’s story, product, or service on Snapchat. As many demographics become adverse to display advertising and native advertisements on social, marketing with influencers on popular and emerging social platforms presents an increasingly effective and proven strategy to engage, message, and be relevant with today’s audiences.

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