10 Steps To Working With Snapchat Influencers

snapchat influencers
How To Work With Snapchat Influencers

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Working With Snapchat Influencers: A How-To Guide For Brands

Snapchat is the most popular social media platform for young audiences—nearly 70% of North American teens use Snapchat, and half of all 16- to 24-year-olds in the U.S. are Snapchatters (Global Web Index). Because the disappearing photo and video messaging app does not yet offer a way to find new users or sponsored content, working with top Snapchat influencers (i.e. social media stars who have already established an audience of thousands or millions) is the best way for brands to engage with Snapchat users in an authentic and effective way.

10 Steps To Working With Snapchat Influencers

Adhering to the following steps can help ensure that you craft a sound influencer marketing strategy, especially when it comes to working with the Snapchat’s top digital stars:

1. Determine Campaign Goals, Key Performance Indicators, & Target Audience

Before reaching out to Snapchat influencers or conceptualizing an influencer marketing campaign, brands must first establish the measurement metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will determine a campaign’s success. Identifying the target audience is also crucial—this will help marketers decide which influencer to choose and what type of campaign will be most effective.

Working With Snapchat Influencers Amanda Cerny

Snapchat influencer Amanda Cerny engages her large social media audience by giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at productions, photo shoots, and events.

2. Select Influencers For The Campaign

75% of worldwide marketers say identifying the right social media influencer is the main challenge when developing an influencer marketing campaign (eMarketer). Brand should seek out and contact Snapchat influencers that resonate with their brand and/or messaging, appeal to their target audience, and will work within the campaign’s budget.

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3. Develop Campaign Content & Explore Creative Angles

Once the right Snapchat influencer (or group of influencers) has been selected, brands should work closely with each digital star to create a campaign that fits organically with their original content while respecting the company’s message and reinforcing brand identity.

4. Negotiate Rates & Contracts

Before launching the campaign, both brands and influencers should sign an influencer agreement that stipulates deliverables (and the details thereof), compensation, and licensing rights. Because they already have the experience and legal framework in place, influencer marketing agencies can help companies avoid time-consuming negotiations and contracts.

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5. Review The Campaign

Every influencer marketing campaign should be scrutinized to make sure the Snapchat influencer hits requisite copy points and conveys the brand’s message in an acceptable way. Campaigns should also adhere to the most recent FTC guidelines to avoid committing an infraction.

6. Publish Snapchat Content/Launch The Campaign

Once the Snapchat content has been reviewed and approved, marketers should closely monitor the campaign after it is launched and document by taking screenshots. If the campaign takes place on the influencer’s channel, brands should also require Snapchatters to note all audience engagement (including user views, screenshot taken by users, and messages).

Snapchat influencer GeeOhSnap promotes Sphero’s new Star Wars BB8 toy in an engaging, day-long Snapchat Story.

7. Optimize Campaign & Amplify With Cross-Promotion

To generate high levels of engagement, both brands and Snapchat influencers must inform audiences about upcoming campaigns on their respective social media channels. Companies may also note the posting time and type of content that performs best for future optimization.

8. Conduct Reporting

Marketers must work with the Snapchat influencer(s) to determine the best method for reporting campaign metrics and log engagement, screenshots taken, messages, promotional code usage, increase in followers, and any other KPIs that help determine campaign success.

9. Analyze Campaign Metrics Against Predetermined KPIs

Compare metrics gathered against KPIs to evaluate the campaign and, if the campaign contains multiple pieces of content, optimize future content.

10. Reuse Campaign Content On Own Social Media Channels

If the brand has negotiated the right to reuse influencer-created content, marketers should take screenshots of/download Snapchat content to repost/republish on other social media channels and accounts.