Snapchat's New e-Commerce & Ad Targeting Features

Snapchat Deep Linking Ad Targeting New Features
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How New e-Commerce & Ad Targeting Features Will Finally Make Snapchat A Major Advertising Player

Snapchat is poised to have a big 2017. With expanding use cases for Spectacles, a $25B IPO on the horizon, and the continuous rollout of new features, Snapchat will be finding new ways to draw in and engage users this year. But a big part of the platform’s growth is going to come from e-commerce ads, which have benefitted from some recent under the hood upgrades—specifically, deep-linking and auto-fill capabilities. The features are in the test phase for now, but they have the power to throttle up the impact of Snap Ads.

Ads on Snapchat have come a long way. From the simplest of Snap Ads to the shoppable ads introduced just under a year ago, Snapchat’s pushing advertising on the platform forward with new and expanding options and tools.

Snap Ads are dynamic. 10-second video ads are standard fare, but that’s just a starting point. Marketers have the option to add more content—like accompanying articles, links, app install options, or longer videos—to better capitalize on the attention of Snapchat’s 150+ million daily users. Snap Ads are powerful tools, and the newest features make them even more powerful.

What Does Deep Linking On Snapchat Mean For Marketers

Deep-linking is the ability to direct a user to a specific page or piece of web content. On Snapchat, that means finally giving marketers the option of linking out to external content (outside of Snapchat). 

The introduction of deep-linking to Snap Ads means that marketers will now be able to give users the option of following advertised content to very specific locations on the web, be they product pages, articles, posts, or even playlists. Theoretically, that means more targeted ads with much more specific messaging.

Rather than advertising a brand or service in broad strokes with the option for expanded content created specifically for Snap Ads, marketers could have the option to link to specific content outside of Snapchat. It could create opportunities for brands and marketers to target specific goals and messaging and to unite content creation efforts across social platforms by creating a destination for expanded content that exists in a branded space.

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How Snapchat Will Help Marketers With Auto-Fill

Snapchat is also testing the use of an auto-fill feature for lead generation forms in Snap Ads. Designed to make completing forms faster and easier through Snap Ads, the auto-fill feature will be able to access user information to fill in personal details.

The auto-fill feature won’t be able to access personal information without permission, though. Knowing that privacy is a major concern for users, a Snapchat rep told Adweek that the feature is opt-in and that users will be asked for permission to use auto-fill every time it comes up.

Though there are always privacy concerns when it comes to sharing your information with apps and third parties, the fact that the feature is opt-in and requires permission every time should give users a degree of confidence, and will ensure that advertisers are garnering completed lead generation forms from users with confirmed interest.

What Snapchat’s New Features Mean For Advertising

Snapchat’s new features in the e-commerce ads arena are significant in that they’re about to make advertising on the platform more flexible, more sophisticated, and more valuable for marketers. But they’re also significant in what they represent.

Sure, these features aren’t as earth-shattering or groundbreaking as the introduction of shoppable ads last year, but they signal growth and movement within the advertising ecosystem on Snapchat. Shoppable ads were huge, but new features that make them better and more powerful will be just as vital to Snapchat’s continued success.

We already know that 2017 has the potential to be huge for Snapchat, and the continued development of Snapchat as a platform that brings together users, influencers, publications, and advertisers speaks to an investment in growing in every direction. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that social platforms grow and change according to the needs of both users and advertisers, and early in 2017, that’s exactly what we’re seeing from Snapchat.

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