Case Study: Skincare Advertising With Social Media Influencers

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Skincare Advertising Case Study: How Neutrogena, St. Ives & Dr. Jart+ Partner With Instagram Influencers

As of 2017, the global skincare industry is worth $128.1B, and by 2021 its worth is expected to rise to more than $180B. Millennial women account for a huge portion of the industry’s revenue, particularly in the U.S.

Neutrogena, St Ives, and Dr. Jart+ are three brands adding influencer marketing to their larger skincare advertising strategies to specifically target millennial women. In the following case study we’ll break down how each brand partners with Instagram influencers to either raise brand awareness or showcase a specific product.

Neutrogena Markets Its Light Therapy Acne Mask With Millennial Influencers

Approach: To promote its Light Therapy Acne Mask, Neutrogena partnered with 9 Instagram influencers to create 16 sponsored posts. 8 out of the 9 influencers involved were millennial women with more than 100,000 followers. Nearly all were YouTube personalities, specializing in lifestyle content.

In most of the sponsored posts the Instagrammers clearly displayed the acne mask and tagged the official Neutrogena Instagram account within the caption. The unifying hashtags #lightyourway and #shineyourlight were also utilized.

Key Influencers:

  1. Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen – 1.1M Followers
  2. Sean O’Donnell – 1M Followers
  3. Courtney Quinn – 429K Followers
  4. Ava Allan – 367K Followers

Results: To date, the Instagram influencer campaign has generated over 76,000 likes, 900 comments, and an average engagement rate of 3.7%.


skincare advertising ava allan instagram post

Actress, model, and YouTuber Ava Allan has appeared in Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, and other popular television shows. The 17-year-old created two sponsored posts in collaboration with Neutrogena. The higher performing of the two received over 8,600 likes and an engagement rate of 4.7%.

The post created by Allan clearly shows the Neutrogena logo, raising brand awareness for the company. Furthermore, she demonstrates how to wear the mask and explains the benefits of it, providing consumers with practical information about the product.

lauren elizabeth neutrogena instagram

Lifestyle YouTuber and actress Lauren Elizabeth Luthringhausen is well known for her impeccable style and interest in health and wellness. The millennial creator’s Neutrogena sponsored post generated over 26,000 likes and 69 comments for an engagement rate of 4.6%.

The photo created by Luthringhausen fits in well with her polished, stylized feed. She showcases the acne mask’s modern design by placing it on her decorated nightstand.

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St. Ives’ Skincare Advertising Strategy Relies On Participation And Influencer Marketing

Approach: To raise brand awareness, St. Ives opened a New York City retail store between June 16 and September 30 called the St Ives Mixing Bar. During the 3 month period, patrons could test St. Ives’ products, purchase a customized facial scrub or lotion, and take photos in an Instagram friendly “Apricot Room.”

The skincare company collaborated with 12 influencers to create 18 sponsored Instagram photos promoting the limited time store. Notably, the majority of the influencers involved posted a photo of themselves at the store. The branded hashtags #stivesmixingbar and #stivespartner were also implemented.

Key Influencers:

  1. Lili Reinhart: 3.7M Followers
  2. Joelle Fletcher – 2.2M Followers
  3. Aspyn Ovard – 1.9M Followers
  4. Remi Ashten Cruz – 687K Followers

Results: The Instagram influencer campaign generated 1.8M likes, 9,000 comments, and an average engagement rate of 9.9%.



Actress Lili Reinhart stars in the popular CW show Riverdale. The 21-year-old created two St. Ives sponsored Instagram posts. The top-performing of the two generated over 774,000 likes and 3,000 comments.

The photo highlights Reinhart’s appearance at the Mixing Bar. The post generated an engagement rate of 41.6%, considerably higher than any post for Neutrogena or Dr. Jart+.

remi ashten st. ives skincare instagram

Lifestyle YouTuber Remi Ashten Cruz maintains 687,000 Instagram followers and created one St. Ives sponsored post. The multiple image post captures Cruz’s visit to the Mixing Bar and garnered over 56,000 likes and 1,000 comments for an engagement rate of 16.7%.

Cruz is well known for her bright style and the post fits in well with her colorful feed. The 22-year-old is also well positioned to advertise St. Ives, as her viewers look to her for skincare and beauty advice.

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Dr. Jart+ Partners With Micro-Influencers To Advertise Its Tiger Grass Skincare Line

Approach: To market its Cicapair Tiger Grass product line Dr. Jart+ collaborated with 24 female Instagram influencers to create 24 sponsored posts. 20 of the influencers involved were micro-influencers with less than 45,000 followers. The remaining 4 were macro-influencers with upwards of 100,000 followers.

In each sponsored post the Instagrammers clearly displayed a product from the Cicapair Tiger Grass line and tagged the official Dr. Jart+ Instagram page within the caption. The branded hashtag #cicastrong was utilized by every influencer.

Key Influencers:

  1. Lily Abolghasemi – 119K
  2. Heather Hernandez – 14.1K Followers
  3. Lauren Rivas – 11.2K Followers
  4. Natalia Tong – 8.8K Followers

Results: The Instagram influencer campaign has generated over 7,000 likes, 300 comments, and an average engagement rate of 6.8% to date.


hellodarlingblog sponsored instagram

Fashion blogger Lily Abolghasemi posted one Dr. Jart+ sponsored photo. The creator, known for her beauty reviews, generated more than 1,900 likes on the post for an engagement rate of 3.1%.

In the caption, Abolghasemi mentions that she’s added the Tiger Grass Repair Serum to her skincare routine. By partnering with Abolghasemi, Dr. Jart+ targets the beauty enthusiasts who seek out her beauty advice.

Fashion Instagrammer Lauren Rivas is a micro-influencer with 11,200 followers. Her video in partnership with Dr. Jart+ received 287 likes and an engagement rate of 5.3%.

Rivas’ feed features several close up product photos and her video sticks to this close up format. She also clearly displays the Dr. Jart+ logo and the Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment in the clip, raising product and brand awareness.

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