Mediakix Launches New Influencer Marketing Site 2019


Introducing Mediakix’s Redesigned Influencer Marketing Agency Site

The day has finally come. After several years operating on the same outdated site, Mediakix is extremely proud to unveil an all-new look. We’re beyond excited to share it with the influencer marketing community and the rest of the world, and we hope you take the liberty of giving it a look-see.

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re already getting a fresh glance of the result of our highly anticipated makeover. We don’t mean to gloat, but if there were a beauty pageant for influencer marketing websites, surely we’d be crowned the beauty queen…okay, so maybe that’s a stretch, but still, look how far we’ve come (please excuse the obligatory before and after pics):


mediakix new site


The difference is more obvious if you’ve been a frequent visitor of our site over the years (thank you for your patience and continued trust). As you can see, the new version is much better-looking than the old one. The new site draws inspiration from the original with a black background but transforms the overall user experience with stunning imagery, clean lines, and intuitive navigation.

Take it from our very own founder and CEO, Evan Asano:

“It’s been an amazing journey these last 8 years seeing not just Mediakix grow but influencer marketing as a whole become its own industry. When I started Mediakix in 2011, there were only a handful of companies that worked in the space. Compare that now to hundreds of companies.

Our goal with the Mediakix website has always been to inform and educate on influencer marketing and we’ve gone well and beyond that. Our blog has received over 4.5 million visitors.

We’ve helped inform and educate an entire industry and look forward to doing more!”

Vice President and General Manager of Mediakix, Zoë Marans, reflects on this transformative experience:

“It’s incredible to see how far this new site has come from our original website. We bought the original website template for $40 and customized it with our developers in India. I think the whole project cost about $200. It’s incredible to think that the original, basic $200 website carried us for over 7 years! It doesn’t even compare to the new site that we pored over each and every detail.

For as outdated as our old site was, it’s an important piece to the Mediakix history and carries all the work and memories from our formative years.

We learned a lot from our old site—what worked, what was important to advertisers—and made sure to address all of that in our new site. We’re so excited for our partners to check it out and see all the awesome work we’ve accomplished together!”

mediakix site redesign evan asano zoe marans

No doubt, Evan and Zoe have everything to do with how much Mediakix has accomplished in a span of 8 years. What better way to reward their dedication and love for the company than with a fabulous site redesign? Let’s get down to business!

Mediakix New Site Features & Functionalities

It’s been a long time coming, but our newly refreshed site now features more extensive information, smoother navigation, quicker load time, better search functionality, and an overall more visually appealing aesthetic. Nobody likes an overabundance of web copy and scattered messaging—we all look at screens too long as it is. So, we cleaned things up a bit.

Below are key highlights of the updated site design:


mediakix new site

First and foremost, our homepage has undergone a necessary facelift. From gorgeous photography, to a more comprehensive review of our managed services, to a snapshot of our wonderful clients, to a sneak peek of our most popular blog posts, the digital storefront to our business is well-organized, polished, and professional.

YouTube & Instagram Influencer Marketing Services Pages

Our brand new services pages offer a glimpse into the Mediakix team’s capabilities and experience on our two primary influencer channels: YouTube influencer marketing and Instagram influencer marketing.

Looking to learn about and get started on an Instagram or YouTube influencer marketing program for your brand? This is a great place to start.

Each services page has a rundown on how our talented account managers help brands plan, execute, and measure influencer marketing campaigns. We also feature testimonials from our clients, while our new FAQ section answers common questions about Mediakix’s managed services.

Our Work Page

mediakix new site

A page that’s received a remarkable remodeling, Our Work lists 35 brands that Mediakix has partnered with to launch successful influencer marketing campaigns.

mediakix new site

Ranging from 13 different industries and categories, including auto, beauty, gaming, tech, and travel, visitors can click through to view goals, results, and campaign highlights from our clients’ top-performing influencer content.

Resources Section

mediakix new site

Our new Resources section is looking spick and span with a layout that lets users filter by type of resource content. Parse through our resource stockpile—some of Mediakix’s most popular hits—and bookmark these so you always know where to find them. We’ll be publishing plenty of new resources in the upcoming months, so be on the lookout for some exciting assets to add to your research repertoire.

Blog Section

In many ways, the Mediakix influencer marketing blog is our baby. With the first post dating back to 2013, we’ve written more than a thousand posts since, all of which have helped shape the influencer marketing industry. In fact, our blog is the most frequented stop on our site. Thousands of avid readers in the influencer marketing community are subscribed to our weekly blog newsletter, which is chock full of original research, industry insights, trends, statistics, case studies, how-tos, and

The blog has been reformatted to show off all our beloved blog articles except now the content hub displays cleaner snippets of our blogroll with dates. When you click into individual blog posts, the posts will load faster and the user experience should be on par with the amazing influencer collaborations we help activate.

mediakix new site

Further, users can now easily filter through various blog categories to view the content most relevant to their needs. Only interested in finding blog posts about Instagram influencers? Curious what influencers disclose in our exclusive interview spotlights? Keen on keeping up with the ever-changing influencer marketing news stories? Quickly click between the categories suited to your interests.

Have you subscribed to our industry-leading newsletter? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on your weekly dose of influencer marketing magic. Go on, sign up here.

About Page

mediakix new site

To learn more about Mediakix, check out our About page. Giving site entrants an overview of our company’s origin and mission, the About page introduces you to the amazing and talented folk who make up our team. We even added in an interactive timeline to guide you through some of the company’s big wins. If you’re looking to join the Mediakix team, the funny group shot captures our free-spirited yet hard-working culture.

Top Navigation Bar & Footer Menus

mediakix new site

The menu navigation bar atop our site isn’t profoundly different, but it’s sleeker and offers a clearer entry point into the rest of our site’s pillar pages. The dropdown menu for the Services tab leads directly to our primary influencer marketing service pages for YouTube and Instagram channels.

mediakix new site

The footer menu is also now nested more prominently at the bottom of each site page, giving site users another chance to reroute to our central pages. Our contact information, links to social media channels, and newsletter subscription signup form are overall less overwhelming for visitors who scroll to the bottom.

New Site, New Era, Same Us

Our site may have undergone a much-needed transformation, but our team still embodies the same awesomeness it always has. In the spirit of refreshing our site, we’ll be helping ourselves to some refreshments to celebrate this momentous occasion.

mediakix new site

Well, we’ve given you a brief tour and we invite you to explore the rest of the site on your own. Please poke around, traverse the mountains of influencer marketing resources and blog posts, report any bugs, fill out a few forms to download industry-leading content, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Don’t forget to give us a share to spread the word about Mediakix’s fresh, new look!