ShopStyle Partners With Top Fashion Bloggers For Snapchat Marketing Campaign

ShopStyle Snapchat Marketing With Fashion Bloggers

Top Fashion Bloggers Featured In ShopStyle’s Snapchat Marketing Campaign

ShopStyle recently partnered with five of the most in-demand fashion bloggers for their latest Snapchat marketing campaign. Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion Blog (@hellofashblog on Snapchat), Jacey Duprie of Damsel In Dior (@damselindior), Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty (@natalieoffduty) Geri Hirsch of Because I’m Addicted (@gerihirsch), and Courtney Trop of Always Judging (@always_judging) all “snapped” themselves and their well-curated outfits into ShopStyle’s innovative e-commerce endeavor.

Sales aggregator site ShopStyle worked with these top fashion bloggers to feature campaign pieces on their individual Snapchat “story” each with a captioned link directing them to ShopStyle’s Snapchat landing page ( where upon the customer is directed to several e-commerce retailers including Farfetch, Nordstrom, Topshop, and more. The user experience is not exactly seamless, but utilizing Snapchat does make the overall shopping experience fun, engaging, and with a more personal level of influencer-follower interaction that’s not always achievable with Twitter or Instagram. Coincidentally, Snapchat announced that they would be debuting new advertising features to aid in the purchasing process around the same time ShopStyle launched their Snapchat marketing campaign.

How Brands Are Leveraging Snapchat Marketing With Bloggers

Just like Instagram, Pinterest, and other apps that feature in-app-shopping, brands are not strangers to the social media sphere. However, unlike a traditionally branded page, influencers on Snapchat are seeking a more organic approach than just inserting a click-to-buy button within a carefully crafted post. This is where we see the best natural engagement from influencer to followers and consumers. “I wanted to show a different side to social media, where it’s not so thought out, and I’m putting something out there that was way more organic, and unedited than any other social content,” blogger Courtney Trop said regarding the ShopStyle partnership.

Many brands like Toyota, Heineken, GE, and McDonald’s have already taken to Snapchat for their digital marketing efforts, but the standout difference with ShopStyle’s campaign features the fashion bloggers as the actual moving voice behind the brand. ShopStyle’s VP Melissa Davis remarks “Snapchat has such a large, engaged young audience and a lot of them came from working colloquially with influencers on a platform they were excited about, but this is one of the first ways bloggers can actually monetize the platform.”

Jacey Duprie Damsel In Dior Snapchat Marketing for ShopStyle
Fashion blogger Jacey Duprie of Damsel In Dior

The fashion bloggers themselves voice their enthusiasm for Snapchat marketing, citing that their followers and fans often ask where/what they are wearing on their Snapchat stories. These stories allow users a “behind the scenes” glimpse into the lives of their favorite Snapchatters. Just like many other social media platforms, it is easy (if not easier) for seasoned bloggers to integrate Snapchatting into their day to day.

While talk regarding click-to-buy ads within Snapchat stories is still speculative (as they recently unveiled their native in-story ads), major brands like ShopStyle are making innovative strides with Snapchat marketing only serving to illustrate the incontrovertible value and high-yield reach of marketing with bloggers.