How Social Media Influencers Are Driving e-Commerce For Retail Marketing

Retail Marketing With Social Media Influencers Driving e-Commerce Sales

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5 Ways Social Media Stars Are Driving e-Commerce For Retail Marketing

In a recent 2015 study analyzing how the biggest brands advertise with influential bloggers, five out of the top ten brands included traditional, “brick and mortar” retailers (Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy, Express). Amidst much newer startups and solely e-commerce businesses (e.g. Blue Apron, NatureBox, and ShopStyle), the study brings to light how traditional retailers are driving e-commerce sales by partnering with popular social media stars to reach vast audiences who already shop and browse online.

Fortune’s recent market study with eMarketer identifies the largest brick and mortar retailers competing with e-commerce leader, Amazon. As Amazon’s direct and closest competitors, several of these traditional retailers included in Fortune’s study (including Nordstrom and Target in top ten blog advertisers) are engaging with top bloggers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters, and YouTubers to drive conversions online for retail marketing.

As an emerging and high ROI channel for retail marketing, many traditional brick and mortar retailers (e.g. Lord & Taylor, Dick’s Sporting Goods) are partnering with top digital influencers for longer-term collaborations oftentimes resulting in completely sold-out items. See how these brands are working with popular social media stars to effectively drive e-commerce for their retail marketing campaigns here:

The Launch Of Target’s New Plus-Sized Line, Ava & Viv

Retail Marketing Target Drive e-Commerce With Social Media Influencers Bloggers

To raise awareness and drive both engagement and traffic to their new line, Target partnered with many of the top plus-sized fashion bloggers including Gabi Gregg of Gabi Fresh. Target’s collaboration with Gabi Fresh included an ongoing partnership that featured multiple blog posts and social shares. See how Target does retail marketing with social influencer Gabi Fresh here.

Debut of Old Navy’s “Americana” Collection

Retail Marketing With Top Social Media Influencers To Drive e-Commerce

For the debut of Old Navy’s “Americana” collection, the top retailer collaborated with top fashion influencer and blogger Jacey Duprie of Damsel In Dior. Old Navy is one of the top retail brands marketing with top social media stars (see our post “3 Top Brands Marketing With Influencers On Instagram“) to drive both e-commerce and brand lift. Check out how Old Navy does retail marketing with Damsel here.

Driving Awareness & Engagement For #ExpressMen

Retail Marketing With Social Influencers Express I Am Galla

To drive awareness and engagement online for their #ExpressMen campaign, Express partnered with arguably one of the world’s top men’s lifestyle influencers, Adam Gallagher of I Am Galla. I Am Galla produced a series of editorial-inspired styled looks featuring key items from Express Men with adjoining blog and social posts. See how top retailer Express leverages the audience and engagement of top men’s lifestyle social star I Am Galla here.

Social + Direct Response Contest For Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry

Retail Marketing Crate & Barrel Driving e-Commerce With Social Influencers Bloggers

In addition to branding-based marketing campaigns, retailers are also partnering with social media stars and bloggers to drive direct-response based marketing objectives (e.g. Fitnessista’s Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh example). Additionally, see our post “How To Measure Social Media Influencer Campaigns” for a look at the differences between branding vs. direct response-based marketing among different social platforms.

Traditional retailer Crate & Barrel collaborated with popular wedding blog 100 Layer Cake to drive entries for their $2,500 giveaway and contest (requiring entrants to socially post on Pinterest as part of their contest submission). In this case, retail marketing with top bloggers ensures that high existing monthly traffic is leveraged towards the sponsoring brand’s e-commerce goals.

Additionally, see popular YouTuber and filmmaker Casey Neistat’s video for the launch of J. Crew’s new suit (The Ludlow; video below), and the 3 biggest brands on Instagram marketing with social media stars.

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