Influencer Spotlight: Raven Elyse TV, Fashion & Beauty YouTuber

Raven Elyse TV YouTuber Interview

Spotlight Interview With Top YouTube Beauty & Fashion Influencer, Raven Elyse

Since joining the YouTube community in 2013, Raven Elyse has garnered nearly 400k subscribers on her YouTube channel RavenElyseTV, with more than 27.5 million total video views. As a fashion and beauty specialist, Raven’s video tutorials cover hair and makeup tricks as well as a style lookbooks. In her weekly lifestyle vlog, Raven goes over the events of her week along with updates on her baby, Ziya. Raven exhibits an accessible lifestyle that the everyday girl can relate to. She has previously collaborated with brands including, ThredUp, and more.

Check out Raven’s exclusive interview with Mediakix as she shares on her vlogging start, favorite types of YouTube videos to make, what she looks for in brand collabs, motherhood, and more:

Mediakix: How did you first become interested in fashion and beauty?

Raven Elyse: I developed my own sense of style at a very young age  I insisted on picking out my own clothes and shoes when I was just two years old, and much to the dismay of my mother, I would often sneak different outfits into my backpack so that I could change clothes during the day at preschool! As a teenager, I got my first makeover at Sephora and I was hooked!

What gave you the idea to start making videos and vlogging? How did your previous experiences in life help you in starting your channel?

I started making videos when I was about 13 years old. My younger sister and I would create silly skits and laugh at ourselves in the footage. I always had an interest in filming and editing videos, so I started researching techniques online. In high school, I loved making all types of DIY creations. People would ask how I made my clothes and other crafts, so I made videos on YouTube to show them how. In college, I majored in Fashion Design, combined my love of fashion with my love of technology, and just went from there.

How would your followers describe your personality, sense of fashion, and lifestyle?

I think they would describe my personality as lighthearted, real, and not afraid to poke fun at myself. My sense of fashion is urban, on-trend and affordable. I think my followers see me as a regular person who doesn’t live with a lot of glitz and glamour—in other words, my lifestyle is attainable.

Which video(s) of yours have really taken off/gone “viral?” Is there one you are particularly proud of?

A very popular video is my acne coverage makeup video, along with a video on my acne journey. I think these videos took off because many people struggle with acne, but not many people were open about it at the time—sometimes people on social media seem so perfect. I’m proud of these videos because they helped people see that they aren’t the only ones who have a problem with acne.

What is your process in deciding which brands or products to partner with?

First, I look at the brand itself. Are they reputable? Are they professional? Then I look at the product or service that they want me to promote, and if it’s something that I would actually use and enjoy regardless of if I was promoting it or not, and if it’s something that I think my followers would like as well, then I’m likely to partner with that company. Also, the integration has to be authentic and a good match for my channel and I look for brands that are flexible in respecting my creative freedom.

What is the single essential item you need in your life? In fashion?

Sweet tea and a gray tank top!

How do you recharge?

I get my nails done.

How has motherhood changed the way that you run your channel and the way that you vlog?

It hasn’t really changed the way I run my channel, however, becoming a mom has added a new category of content to my channel. Now, in addition to fashion and beauty, I have added quite a bit of mommy/baby content. When it comes to blogging, having a baby has added an extra level of excitement because my followers want to see my daughter and watch her grow.

Which type of video is your favorite to produce?

I love producing look books because it combines my favorite things—fashion, styling, and creative editing.

How do you keep up with social media?

I have every social media app on the first screen of my phone. I toggle between apps, catching up on everything whenever I can.

What is your vision for your channel? Any big plans you’d like to share?

I’m planning to do a lot more beauty and especially fashion-related content. Fashion design will always be my first love. I would ultimately like to partner with a brand to create and promote my own line.

Anything else you’d like to add?

My favorite color is gold!