How Brands Collaborate With Popular Viners

Popular Viners Help Brands Dominate Social Media Marketing

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How Brands Are Dominating Social With Popular Viners

In a short span of two years, 6-second video sharing platform Vine has given rise to a slew of popular Viners, many with millions of followers (see our recent list of top 10 Viners to follow now here). Although Vine (owned by Twitter) currently does not provide brands with native advertising, the lack of an ad platform has not stopped many top brands from collaborating with popular Viners in order to market to their vast audiences.

Since Vine does not provide native advertising options (see the difference between native, sponsored content, and influencer marketing here), savvy brands are partnering with popular Viners for their social reach on Vine and henceforth promoting the content on other social media channels (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). This multi- or cross-platform approach strategically maximizes both the popular Viners’ built-in social reach and social amplification of brand-creator content.

See how these brands are successfully creating alongside popular Viners for multi-platform, social media marketing success:

Hyundai’s Twitter Campaign Success With Popular Viner

Beyond their Vine platform success with Vine star and top social media influencer Arielle Vandenberg (the sponsored Vine video has close to 1.4 million loops), Hyundai further promoted the campaign on their Twitter. To date, Hyundai’s tweet has garnered close to 5,000 retweets with over 18,000 likes. A quick look at Hyundai’s Twitter feed demonstrates the exemplary performance of their cross-platform social media marketing campaign leveraging the reach and creative content of a top Vine star.  As brands look to deeper collaborations and truly maximizing social amplification with social media stars, this sort of cross-platform strategy will become increasingly more popular.

Mastercard’s Social Media Campaign With Popular Vine Star, Arielle Vandenberg

Mastercard also worked alongside top Vine star Arielle Vandenberg for their recent multi-platform campaign. Similar to Hyundai’s approach, Mastercard leverages Arielle’s social media reach (close to 2M on Vine, over half a million on Instagram) and further promotes the sponsored creator content on their brand YouTube channel (as seen above).  Mastercard’s sponsored Vine video with top Vine star, Arielle Vandenberg Popular Viners Brand Sponsored Social Marketing Campaign Mastercard’s sponsored Instagram post for their latest social media influencer campaign

Dr. Pepper’s Influencer Marketing Campaign With Popular Viners

Dr. Pepper’s #OneOfAKindLipSync is perhaps one the most standout cross-platform influencer marketing campaigns of 2015 created alongside several top Vine stars. The campaign, which leverages the creative content and reach of many top Viners, presents a well-executed strategy to both elicit audience participation and drive brand awareness.

For an in-depth look at how Dr. Pepper crafted their influencer marketing strategy, check out their cross-platform social media campaign here.

To see a 10-step process of how top brands create their influencer marketing strategy, download our free whitepaper here.

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