Google Pixel & Pixel XL VS Apple 7 & 7 Plus: Which Smartphone Is Better?

Pixel vs iPhone Google Apple Comparison Infographic
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Pixel vs iPhone: Everything You Need To Know [Infographic]

Smartphones are undoubtedly the fastest growing and most well-adopted product in consumer technology history (Technology Review). With 76% of global consumers owning a smartphone, mobile devices continue to be a critical part of consumers daily lives (Pew Research). In particular, smartphone usage is strongest in younger generations ages 18-24, 97% of which will look at their phone within three hours of waking up (Deloitte). Wide ownership of smartphone has not only changed the way that individual consumers’ behave, but it has also changed the way that organizations and businesses connect with the masses. Thus, understanding smartphones and their technological advancements is critical for understanding modern communication and culture.

Apple and Google stand as the industry leaders in smartphones. Apple is the top smartphone manufacturer with a 43.9% market share, and Google’s Android is the top software platform with a 52.7% market share (comScore). At a standstill, both Apple and Google have released new products this year, the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus and the Pixel & Pixel XL, to vie for industry domination. We’ve created an infographic to compare the features, size, camera, etc. of the iPhone 7/ 7Plus and the Pixel/ Pixel XL.

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How Does Google’s Pixel & Pixel XL Compare To Apple’s iPhone 7 & 7 Plus?

While both the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus and the Pixel/ Pixel XL offer incredible top-of-the-line features that have never been integrated in phones before, each has a number of strengths and weaknesses that users should evaluate before deciding which is the best fit product.

Pixel vs iPhone Google Apple Comparison Infographic

What’s So Different About The New Phones?

Social sharing photos and videos has fully blossomed within the past couple of years, and it has become a primary source of communication for those connected to the internet. The focus on camera features in the iPhone7/ 7 Plus and the Pixel/ Pixel XL is a reflection of communication trends. Even more, Apple and Google’s engineering teams have been extremely devoted to creating the best camera, with Apple revealing that the camera for the iPhone 7 was powered by an 800-person team (ValueWalk).

This revelation demonstrates Apple’s immense emphasis on the camera, indicating that the smartphone camera, alongside companion social media apps, will be the future of smartphones and more so, mass communication.

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