Why Children Are Set On Becoming YouTubers When They Grow Up

percentage children becoming a youtuber
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The Vast Percentage Of Children Want To Become YouTubers Over All Other Professions

Founded in 2005, YouTube now has 1.5 billion monthly active users (MAUs) who watch a billion hours of video each day. The video platform gave rise to the world’s newest class of social media celebrity: YouTube influencers or “YouTubers.” Not only are YouTubers more popular than most traditional celebs, they are looked to as influential and powerful icons — nearly 50% of Millennials have been inspired by YouTubers to make a personal change in their lives.

YouTube and its star vloggers’ influence on Millennials and younger demographics are undeniable. Four out of 10 Millennials say that their favorite YouTubers understand them better than family and friends. A new study surveying a thousand kids ages six to seventeen shares additional insight on YouTubers — becoming a YouTuber is now the most coveted career choice.

75% Of Children Ages 6 To 17 Want To Become YouTubers

In a study published in The Sun, three-quarters of Gen Z and Millennials surveyed chose becoming a YouTuber as their most desired career. The same study also found the following statistics:

  • 1 in 3 aspire to be a YouTuber (34.2%)
  • 1 in 5 desire to be a blogger or vlogger (18.1%)
  • 1 in 6 would like to be a pop or movie star (16% and 15.7% respectively)
  • Between 1 in 7 to 9 for doctor/nurse (13.45%), TV host (12.45%), athlete or teacher (11.9%)
  • 1 in 15 aspire to be a lawyer (6.4%)

While the study distinguishes between a YouTuber, blogger, and vlogger as possible career choices/jobs, all three can be categorized as social media influencers meaning that over 50% of Gen Z and Millennials are set on creating content on social media for their livelihood.

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Becoming A YouTuber Is The Most Coveted Profession And Career Choice For Children Surveyed

The top ten YouTubers made over $70 million combined in 2017, but for aspiring YouTubers, money is not a primary, secondary, or even tertiary motivator. Money ranks fourth after:

  1. Creativity (24%) – today’s younger generations are drawn to creative pursuits and crafting content that supports their creativity
  2. Fame (11.4%) – akin to No. 6, being a successful YouTuber oftentimes equates to being more famous and influential than most traditional celebs
  3. Self-expression (11%) – similar to No. 1, becoming a YouTuber enables youngsters to exercise their creativity with engaging content
  4. Money (9.8%) – while it’s not in the top three reasons why kids want to be YouTube influencers, money is still a top five driving factor
  5. People (8.4%) – time spent on social media is skyrocketing and while consuming social media content is largely a solo pursuit, creating content for social media can be collaborative and fulfilling to film videos with friends and family
  6. Recognition (6.1 %) – for older demographics, social media influencers and their immense popularity may seem puzzling, but for most younger demographics, YouTubers are far more recognizable and influential than the likes of Taylor Swift or Johnny Depp.
  7. Travel (4.2 %) – while travel is its entirely own category/type of influencer, being a YouTuber can involve regular travel and life on the road

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Does Your Kid Want To Become A YouTuber?

Google, who owns YouTube, continues to publish research and findings on millennial moms, dads, children and how each of these demographics interface with YouTube. Here are a few of their case studies and reports:

Are you a parent? Does your kid want to become a YouTuber? If so, please leave a comment below and share your insights on this topic.

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