10 Best Sponsored Vine Videos From The Most Popular Viners

Most Popular Viners Best Sponsored Vine Videos

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2015’s 10 Best Sponsored Vine Videos From The Most Popular Viners

When Vine launched in early 2013, it became clear that social media was about to shift in a brand new way. By giving individuals the opportunity to serve up micro-content looping videos, the most popular Viners (see our recent post “10 Top Viners To Follow Now”) began creating trending and viral content, six seconds at a time. Although Vine does not offer marketers a native advertising platform at this time, brands are partnering with the most popular Viners to sponsor content directed at key target audiences in a way that had never been done before. For an in-depth explanation on Native Advertising vs. Sponsored Content vs. Influencer Marketing, see our explainer post here.

With 200 million active users, Vine may not be the largest social influencer channel however, many of the most popular Viners featured here below also have large adjoining social accounts (YouTube, Instagram, blogs). In our recent article “How Brands Are Partnering With Popular Viners To Dominate Social,” we share how many brands are not only sponsoring Vine videos, but promoting them across other social platforms. This multi-platform approach is an effective influencer marketing strategy for targeting audiences on various touchpoints with popular influencer-generated content that resonates well with today’s consumers. To date, these 10 best-sponsored Vine videos below have been “looped” a total of 48.4 million times with 739.5K likes, 120.5K revines, 12K comments, and to an audience of nearly 54 million followers.

Vine has truly caused a paradigm shift in the way that users ingest paid content that is as relevant and important to the audience as it is to the brands sponsoring the content. To see how brands have sponsored Vine videos with the most popular Viners in 2015, check out our post below:

Levi’s With Popular Viner Arielle Vandenberg

Levi’s jeans teamed up with actress Arielle Vandenberg this holiday season. The humorous Vine features Vandenberg gifting friend and Invisible Children’s director Kenny Laubbacher a pair of the company’s classic jeans for Christmas. Within a week of being posted, the post already boasts 1.1 million loops—amounting to massive social media exposure for Levi’s. Check out Arielle’s other sponsored Vines with Mastercard and Hyundai here.

DiGiorno With Top Viner Matt Cutshall

As part of their #maketherightcall campaign, Matt Cutshall created a Vine that emphasizes the convenience of DiGiorno Pizza. Cutshall is a comedy creator by trade and this creative ad reflects that, inciting a chuckle in under 6 seconds. To date, the Vine has been viewed around 3.1 million times.

Amazon Video With Vine Star Christian Delgrosso

Comedy Viner Christian Delgrosso’s ad for Amazon Video is about something we can all relate to: binge watching. The 6 second ad shows Delgrosso hooked on the streaming service when he really should be doing something else. With 2.9 million loops so far, Delgrosso’s Vine does a great job of promoting the service’s new Showtime offerings.

JBL With Vine Superstar Jerry Purpdrank

As a JBL spokesperson and one of the largest followings on Vine, Jerry Purpdrank has created an entire series of these videos—which show traditional corded headphones getting in the way of everyday life. The campaign has spawned #cordfail, which encourages viewers to post their own versions of this daily dilemma. This Vine alone has been viewed 5.8 million times.

Furious 7 Movie With Top Viner King Bach

Viners frequently work with each other to create collaborative content. In this one, King Bach recruited Anwar Jibawi and SillyGirlCarmen to promote the upcoming blockbuster Furious 7. The power trio filmed a 6 second, comedy version of the film to create hype. In the process, the video earned 12.7 million loops to date. To see how major entertainment brands are marketing with social media stars, check out our article To see how major entertainment brands are marketing with social media stars, check out our article here.

Dunkin’ Donuts With Popular Vine Star Logan Paul

Vine star Logan Paul create this sponsored post for major chain Dunkin’ Donuts. The video shows Paul making a mad dash to download the company’s new “DD Perks” app. As one of the top Viners who is rapidly ascending into mainstream entertainment with an upcoming motion picture, Paul’s Vine page is a highly effective advertising channel for brands like Dunkin’ Donuts seeking to reach and be relevant with large millennial consumers. This Vine has been looped 4.4 million times.

In addition to being a top Viner, Paul is also a popular Instagrammer. To see the best brand-sponsored Instagram posts from Paul and many other top Instagram influencers, check out our weekly series here.

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast With Viner Christian Delgrosso

Among fans and brands, Christian Delgrosso is an extremely popular Viner. Earlier this year, he worked with McDonald’s to create this frenetic ad in anticipation of the fast food chain’s eagerly awaited All-Day Breakfast. Several months later, the ad has been viewed 9.2 million times and All-Day Breakfast has successfully revived McDonald’s sluggish sales.

HP + Star Wars With Top Vine Star Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso teamed up with HP and Star Wars to produce this collaborative Vine post in anticipation of the latest installment of the much-beloved series. The 6-second clip shows Mancuso, who frequently posts musical videos on his page, playing the film’s famous theme song while video chatting on an HP device. A clean and simple concept clearly goes a long way though, since this Vine has hit 4.5 million loops to date.

Spotify Running With Social Media Star Hannah Stocking

Music streaming giant Spotify launched Spotify Running this year—a new offering that plays workout mixes for subscription listeners. To hype the new product, they recruited top Viner Hannah Stocking to create this quick and funny ad. The video is short, sweet, and to the point as it shows Stocking running toward a cup of coffee while jamming out a custom Spotify Running mix. Stocking was also part of Dr. Pepper’s influencer marketing campaign earlier this year. To see the entire campaign featuring many other top social media stars, check out our post here.

Curve Fragrance With Top Viner Jerry Purpdrank

For this sponsored Vine video, popular Viner Purpdrank created an ad for Curve Fragrances in his signature funny style. A month later, the ad has been looped 4.1 times, re-Vined 7300 times, liked 52.6k times, and commented on 706 times.

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