The Million Likes Club: The Most Popular Celebrities On Instagram

most popular celebrities on instagram million likes club
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Once home to square photos and just a handful of filters, Instagram has seen incredible growth in the last year. Now with over 700 million users, it’s one of the top apps for sharing photos, videos, and Stories. By now, thousands of celebrities and notable personalities are using Instagram, and the most effective among them are seeing millions of likes on their posts.

The most popular celebrities and influencers reach hundreds of millions of people and represent the top tier of Instagrammers — at least where likes are concerned. Though many of them are among the most-followed Instagrammers, there’s more to passing the million likes mark than followers. Here are the most popular celebrities and influencers on Instagram who use consistent, engaging content to earn their way into the Million Likes Club.

How To Qualify For The Million Likes Club

In order to qualify for the Million Likes Club, an Instagram user must receive more than one million likes on nine consecutive photos.

To determine who qualified for the inaugural Million Likes Club list, we examined the top 200 most followed Instagram users for the six-month time period beginning December 15, 2016 and ending May 15, 2017.

Once the Million Likes Club list was finalized, the average likes for each celebrity was calculated using the 30 most recent posts on their Instagram account as of May 31, 2017. While some members of the Million Likes Club receive less than one million likes on average, they still qualify for the list because they have earned one million likes on at least nine consecutive photos.

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The Million Likes Club The Most Popular Celebrities On Instagram

What It Takes To Average A Million Likes Per Instagram Post

Having the most followers doesn’t necessarily guarantee millions of likes. Plenty of Instagrammers that make the Top 25 Most Followed lists don’t hit the million likes mark because they post too often or too little. Though there are notable exceptions (like Beyonce, who doesn’t necessarily post regularly but consistently sees millions of likes), the most successful celebrities and influencers post regular content that gives fans some insight into their lives.

From behind-the-scenes content to the best selfies, the members of the Million Likes Club are experts at engaging their millions of followers. Every celebrity or influencer approaches content differently, but they find the most success when drawing fans into their world through photos, videos, and Stories.

The Million Likes Club is more than just a collection of the most popular celebrities and Instagrammers. It’s a list of the celebrities and influencers who have proven that, when it comes to reaching, moving, and impacting millions of people, they consistently do it best.

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