Mobile App Marketing Success With Social Media Influencers

Mobile App Marketing With Top Social Media Influencers

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How To Do Mobile App Marketing With Social Media Influencers 

As internet access reaches a level of near-ubiquity and consumers become increasingly mobile, competition among mobile app developers is growing fierce—according to the International Business Times, approximately 1000 new apps are being added to the Apple App Store each day, and Statista estimates that around 1.5 million mobile apps are currently available for download. Mobile app marketing with social media influencers is now one of the best ways for developers to help apps stand out in a saturated market and get the attention of engaged, interested consumers.

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Why Mobile App Marketing With Top Social Influencers Is Powerful

As fashion brands, hospitality companies, auto manufacturers, and tech industry giants have all discovered, marketing with social media influencers generates high user engagement and yield exceptional ROIs (compared to traditional forms of advertising). App-makers, too, can leverage the reach and influential power of today’s top digital stars by taking advantage of the following benefits:

High Reach

Today’s biggest Instagrammers, YouTubers, Snapchatters, Viners, and bloggers have thousands, or in some cases, millions of engaged followers/subscribers. Collaborating with social media stars to showcase an app’s value (in terms of functionality, functions, or popularity) can boost awareness and entice social media audiences to download the product.

Targeted Audiences

Because many social media influencers operate within a specific niche or advertising category (e.g. fashion, fitness, food, etc), partnering with the right digital star can help app developers market to consumers that would be specifically interested in purchasing/using the app.

Increased Credibility

With so many apps now available, achieving even a modicum of credibility goes a long way toward driving app purchases. Working with a trusted social media influencer to promote your app makes the product seem immediately reliable, dependable, and download-worthy.

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Examples Of How Influencer Marketing Can Help Promote Your App

Partnering with a social media influencer to develop engaging social media marketing campaigns is one of the most effective and efficient ways to promote your app. See how some of the world’s most successful apps have collaborated with high-reach influencers to increase awareness and boost credibility in the eyes of consumers:

Skype Works With Top Instagrammer & YouTuber Jack Baran

With over 1.2 million Instagram followers and 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, Jack Baran (@thatsojack) is one of the brightest social media stars. By partnering with Baran for the app’s “SkypeTogether” campaign, popular communication app Skype gained access to the influencer’s massive social media audience. 

Enjoying one last sunset thanks to @hoteltonight ?| #MenStyleGuide | A photo posted by Gregory Tinari (@menstyleguide) on

Mobile App Marketing With Hotel Tonight & Men’s Influencer Gregory Tinari

By partnering with men’s fashion and adventure Instagrammer Gregory Tinari (MenStyleGuide), hotel booking app Hotel Tonight increased awareness among Tinari’s travel-interested followers and helped grow their followers on the brand’s own Instagram account.

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Nicole Cogan Partners With Postmates To Promote The Brand’s App

Social media influencer and reputable foodie Nicole Cogan (@nobread) helped Postmates’ mobile app marketing efforts by posting a photo of gluten-free offerings available to Postmates customers. She also included a coupon in the description of the post (promo code “nobread”) to encourage users to sign up.

Bumble App Collaborates With Social Media Influencer Caroline Receveur

Dating and networking app Bumble enlisted social media influencer Caroline Receveur (@carolinereceveurlucas) to post Instagram photos of her using the Bumble during everyday life events, like traveling to a new city.

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