How Beer Brand Michelob Boosts Campaign With Instagrammer Dr. Mike

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Why Dr. Mike Is The Perfect Social Media Influencer For Michelob’s #TheExtraMile Campaign

Would your doctor ever tell you to drink more beer? They might if your physician happens to be Dr. Mike, an Instagram sensation who routinely disseminates health, fitness, and fashion advice (along with a decent helping of motivational platitudes) to his 2.1 million Instagram followers and 500,000 Facebook followers. In a recent influencer marketing campaign, Dr. Mike collaborated with Michelob to help inform audiences about the best ways to stay in shape and overcome adversity while expanding awareness for the beer brand’s new athlete-focused “Brewed For Those Who Go The Extra Mile” advertising campaign.

Why Instagram’s Most Recognizable Doctor Is Promoting A Beer Brand

Riding the wave of low-carb fad diets that swept through popular American culture in the early 2000’s, Michelob’s light beer, Michelob Ultra, has long touted itself as a low-carb beer for those seeking to maintain an active lifestyle. The shifting of cultural and social focus toward actual fitness—marked most visibly by the rise of CrossFit gyms, the prevalence of protein-rich diets, and the popularity of Instagram fitness influencers—has prompted Michelob to concentrate less on the low-calorie, “diet” aspect of their beer and position itself, instead, as the beer of choice for the serious athlete (David Aaker).

Enter Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, better known as Dr. Mike, a 3rd-year medical resident who has amassed millions of social media followers by promoting a healthy lifestyle and regularly doling out fitness and dieting advice. (Think Kayla Itsines with a medical degree.) By collaborating with Dr. Mike, who is both a fitness role model and a trusted physician, Michelob was able to give their product instant credibility while reaching millions of Instagram and Facebook users in the process.

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Because doctors are considered hard-working individuals who regularly put in long hours taking care of sick patients, partnering with Dr. Mike also helped Michelob diversify their “Go The Extra Mile” campaign message to include working professionals as well as athletes.

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