Case Study: MeUndies Gets Intimate With Influencers

meundies marketing
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Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study: MeUndies Shows Off Fashionable Wares and Heartwarming Values

Alongside its mission to sell comfortable and stylish underwear, Silicon Beach brand, MeUndies, is also looking to share its values with the world. Using sustainable materials, working “with factories that take exceptional care of their employees,” and partnering with various causes, MeUndies marketing has made bold moves in its attempt to disrupt the undergarment industry.

meundies marketing

One of MeUndies’ latest gambits has been to transform their subscription model into something more meaningful and valuable for both consumers and the company. Launching memberships last year, MeUndies started offering new perks to their monthly customers in an attempt to improve relationships, drive sales, and gain new insights.

For its various business and social initiatives, the progressive garment brand has leveraged influencer marketing to engage existing and potential customers. Working with a diverse group of influencers on Instagram, MeUndies marketing has used influential figures to offer discounts, promote special prints, and show its support for communities and causes.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Study: MeUndies Marketing Strategy Emphasizes Comfort, Inside And Out


  • Promote MeUndies prints and styles.
  • Communicate company and social values.
  • Reach customers and communities during relevant dates and seasons.


meundies marketing

  • Channel – Instagram
  • Influencers – A variety of lifestyle influencers, including those specializing in travel, fashion, fitness, and other categories.

While MeUndies content can sometimes contain provocative imagery, a random sampling of 20 Instagrammers who partnered with the brand also shows many fun and lighthearted slice-of-life moments. Influencers working with the brand typically used hashtags #MeUndies and #MeUndiesPartner in their content descriptions, with some offering discount codes through custom MeUndies links, while others referenced links.

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Instagrammers Help MeUndies Promote Seasonal Prints And Ongoing Values

Like many clothing brands, MeUndies has product releases that coincide with seasons and special occasions. Leveraging a bevy of influencers, MeUndies launched various campaigns targeting different demographics throughout the year.

Winter Season

Holiday cheer was in full swing as influencers showed off seasonal apparel against celebratory backgrounds in MeUndies #DontGiveUnderwear campaign.

Valentine’s Day

Partnering with influencer couples, MeUndies #MatchMeUndies campaign included a user-generated content (UGC) component that asked fans and followers to share their own heartwarming pictures and stories.

Pride Month

With the help of influencers in the LGBTQ community, MeUndies honored Pride Month with their “Celebrate Yourself” campaign, donating $1 to the Los Angeles LGBT Center for purchases of their rainbow print underwear.

Using the hashtag #TrueColorsMoment, the brand also worked with the True Colors Fund, donating a portion of the proceeds to help combat homelessness in the LGBTQ community. Influencer posts promoted a special True Colors print as many shared personal stories and praised MeUndies for their involvement and support.

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Social Reach

  • Instagram Followers Targeted: 4,765,233


  • Instagram Likes: 714,952
  • Instagram Comments: 7,562
  • Hashtag Usage: 735
  • Engagement Rate: 7.13%

Hayley Kiyoko – Pride Month

With 256,736 likes and 2,222 comments, Hayley Kiyoko’s playful image, featuring the influencer and singer-songwriter laughing in bed, garnered the highest total engagement from the sampling. Speaking to years past, Kiyoko writes in the photo’s description: “If I could tell my younger self one thing, I would have told her to ‘Go get her. You are enough and worthy’.” Going on to thank MeUndies for helping to support her values and community, Kiyoko closes with a mention of MeUndies partnership with the True Colors Fund.

At 17.26%, Kiyoko’s post had one of the highest engagement rates among the sample posts.

Travis Bryant – Winter Season

YouTuber Travis Bryant’s holiday photo features the vlogger and actor sipping hot chocolate against a Los Angeles backdrop. Describing the setting, Bryant offers a checklist: cozy blanket, hot chocolate, and a pair of MeUndies. Bryant ends the caption by asking, “Who says LA can’t feel like the holidays?”

Bryant’s post garnered 19,165 likes and 153 comments, resulting in an engagement rate of 12.14%.

Brian Friedman – Valentine’s Day

Dancer and choreographer, Brian Friedman, posted a frolicsome shot of himself and his fiance, Danny Brown, laughing together in bed. The sweet Valentine’s Day shot featured the couple donning matching heart-shaped prints for MeUndies’ #MatchMeUndies campaign. In the caption, Friedman asks his followers about what they’re doing for the holiday, mentioning that he and Brown “plan to snuggle in our @meundies.”

Friedman’s post amassed 14,022 likes and 115 comments for engagement rate of 2.51%.


  • Brands collaborating with the right influencers on campaigns that align perfectly with their personal values can drive positive engagement throughout various seasons and occasions. Moreover, brands can successfully run several campaigns concurrently, promoting different products across different audiences.
  • Brands and social media influencers can collaborate on campaigns that raise awareness and promote social good.
  • Influencers who exhibit authenticity in their branded posts don’t encounter the same kind of backlash that many contrived campaigns can sometimes experience. By providing audiences with the content they enjoy, relevant products and services can be included to enhance media and messaging.
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