Why Marketing With Social Media Changes How Audiences See Established Brands

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How Marketing With Social Media Is Reinvigorating Brands

The way that consumers interact with brands is changing. Once passive recipients of traditional advertising methods (e.g. television commercials and full-page magazine ads), audiences now expect companies to deliver an immersive marketing experience replete with two-way communication (often facilitated through digital influencers on social media platforms) and content that adds value (i.e. entertainment, knowledge, or money-saving opportunities) to customers’ lives. According to a recent study by Rapt Media, 63% of consumers would think of a brand more positively if it delivered content that was valuable, interesting, or relevant.

While some long-established brands have foundered in the face of technological innovations, others have discovered new life by marketing with social media or by collaborating with Instagrammers, YouTubers, Snapchatters, or bloggers to create engaging influencer marketing campaigns.

4 Ways Marketing With Social Media Can Help Brands Reinvent Themselves

For incumbent companies looking to reinvent themselves, reach consumers online or on social media channels, and/or target millions of social media-savvy consumers, developing engaging social media marketing campaigns can make a brand’s advertising efforts:

1. Part Of The User Experience

Today’s audiences desire marketing campaigns that are integrated into their social, entertainment, or educational experiences, not distractions from it. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, marketing on social media through Snapchat Takeovers, YouTube product placements, and sponsored Instagram post can help brands incorporate their message into the content while also providing value to consumers.

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2. Engaging For Audiences

Another way marketing with social media can reinvigorate brands is by fostering connections with customers through personal engagement, brand-sponsored contests, and campaigns that encourage the creation of user-generated content. Partnering with popular social media influencers can also help brands develop content that audiences will interact with, share, and consider when making purchasing decisions.

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3. Valuable To Consumers

Today, the most successful brands are the ones that leverage the power of social media marketing to provide value to consumers. Because audiences trust recommendations from social media stars, collaborating with digital influencers to develop brand-sponsored content is one of the best ways to offer valuable advice while driving consumer action.

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4. Appealing To Younger Generations

The buying power of young audiences is growing—according to Forbes, Millennials will command $200 billion in annual purchasing power by 2017, and will collectively spend over $10 trillion over the course of their lifetimes. To target consumers that grew up on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, established brands must now divert resources away from traditional marketing outlets and invest, instead, in marketing on social media platforms.

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