Marketing To Millennials With Influencers

Marketing To Millennials With Social Influencers Marketing

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Marketing To Millennials With Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is growing at an impressive rate. According to AdWeek, nearly a quarter of today’s marketers cite influencer marketing as being their most effective customer acquisition tool. While the audience, follower, and fan demographics of top social media influencers can be far-reaching, Millennials tend to make up a good portion of their audiences (especially on certain “millennial-favorite” platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube). Marketing to Millennials with influencers, then, makes perfect sense, and more brands are catching on with each passing day.

It’s easy to understand why marketing to Millennials with influencers is so important for today’s brands. Social media networks and websites like YouTube and Instagram see countless amounts of visits every day. These social media channels and platforms are where Millennials turn for news, information, communication, and entertainment. In the past, traditional advertising techniques were considered key to garnering an audience, but marketing to Millennials is different.

Why Marketing To Millennials With Social Influencers Succeeds For Brands

Millennials are able to see through thinly veiled promotions and find themselves online more than watching television or reading magazines/newspapers. This goes for traditional-style ads found on the internet, also. According to AdWeek, “a survey last year that found that only 6% of Millennials believe that online ads are credible.” Perhaps most important to understand is that Millennials put a great deal of stock in the opinions of those they trust. This doesn’t have to be friends or acquaintances, either. It can be influencers: the people/accounts/channels Millennials look to for aspirational lifestyle content, advice, and recommendations.

Today’s millennial-conscious brands are constantly looking for ways in which they can improve upon their techniques and generate new potential customers. To see how top brands are marketing to Millennials with influencers, check out our free white paper here.  

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Tips On Marketing To Millennials With Social Media Influencers

  • According to blogger Aaron Lee at Post Planner, “businesses need to understand that Millennials don’t trust review sites or ‘expert opinions.’ Instead, they trust opinions from their peers. In order to reach out to Millennials, we need to market with them rather than market to them. One of the most effective methods is by working with influencers through brand advocacy.” Brand advocacy helps to build affinity between brands and potential customers, with influencers serving as conduits due to the trust built between themselves and their audiences.
  • Finding the right social media channel for influencer marketing is essential, too. BizBash puts it best in a recently published article about marketing to Millennials, stating that brands “need to find the right channel to tell [the] story. For example, it might not be Vine; Instagram may be better. Or having [an] influencer at an event and livestreaming that event might be better.” It’s not just about choosing the right influencer to work with—it’s about understanding what channel is most in line with a brand’s goals.
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Influencer marketing will continue to be a high-yield channel for brands when marketing to Millennials. When the right balance is struck, it can generate impressive results that can’t be replicated through any other method. Smart marketing managers are learning that outdated advertising techniques are doing nothing but costing them extra money and putting up a barrier between brands and forward-thinking, tech-savvy audiences. Social media stars offer something entirely different, and there’s no denying that it works for many of the world’s biggest, most successful brands.

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