Coachella 2016 Marketing Case Study [PDF Download]

Marketing Case Study Coachella Music Festival 2016 PDF Download
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Coachella 2016 Marketing Case Study Look: American Express, Revolve & Lokai [PDF Download]

With hundreds of thousands of attendees and social media audiences that number in the millions (in 2015, Coachella’s Snapchat Story reached 40 million users), the 2016 Coachella Music and Arts Festival has become the ideal place for companies looking to increase brand awareness and engage the event’s large, millennial audiences through official sponsorships, brand-sponsored parties, and/or influencer marketing campaigns.

In our Coachella influencer marketing case study, we examine how three different brands—official Coachella sponsor American Express, big non-sponsor retailer Revolve Clothing Co., and small accessory-maker Live Lokai—developed and implemented distinctive strategic influencer campaigns at Coachella 2016.

A Marketing Case Study Look At How Brands Advertised On Social For Coachella 2016

2016 Coachella Influencer Marketing Case Study

2016 Coachella Marketing Case Study Download + Resources

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Marketing Case Study Look: American Express “Official Coachella Sponsor”

Combined Social Reach:

  • Audience – 15,270,000+
  • Likes – 139,800+
  • Comments – 400+

Official Coachella sponsor American Express offered exclusive VIP access, prizes, and free tickets to Coachella 2017 to lucky AMEX members through the brand’s #AmexAccess social media marketing campaign. To spread the word about the campaign’s exclusive perks, the lender tapped 10+ high-reach #AmexAmbassadors to post engaging Instagram photos using the branded hashtag.

Goal—To drive awareness about the special features and prizes available to American Express members who register on the Coachella app with their AMEX login information.   

Approach—American Express enlisted high-reach social media influencers Adam Gallagher (iamgalla), Patrick Janelle (aguynamedpatrick), and others including model Alessandra Ambrosio to post photos with the hashtag #AmexAccess. The posts were designed to bring awareness to and highlight the services made possible using American Express’ exclusive mobile experience.

Results—The American Express #AmexAccess campaign reached over 15 million people across three different social media platforms, approximately 86 times the number of people who attended Coachella 2016. The campaign also generated nearly 139K likes and over 400 comments from engaged Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter users.

Marketing Case Study Look: Revolve “Non-Sponsor, Well-Known Brand At Coachella”

Combined Social Reach:

  • Audience – 30,002,100+
  • Likes – 1,618,900+
  • Comments – 12,700+

Revolve Clothing was one of the most active brands marketing at Coachella 2016. The fashionable retail company aimed to expand brand awareness and drive product sales by creating brand-sponsored content with multiple social media stars across several social media channels and posting hundreds of photos from their popular “Desert House” party on their Instagram account.

Goals—To expand awareness to Coachella’s large audiences and establish the brand’s identity as a fashion trendsetter by creating content with top social media influencers.

Approach—By hosting the Desert House party and inviting fashion-forward influencers like Bella Thorne, Aimee Song (Song Of Style), and Danielle Bernstein (We Wore What) to attend the event and document their experiences on social media using the hashtag #RevolveFestival, Revolve established a pervasive social media presence at Coachella.

Results—Though Revolve Clothing was not an official Coachella sponsor, the prevalence of influencers at their branded event and the frequency of brand-sponsored social media posts yielded high engagement. Revolve’s influencer campaign received 1.6 million likes, 12,000 comments, and reached a staggering 30 million people.

Marketing Case Study Look: Revolve “Lesser-Known Brand At Coachella”

Combined Social Reach:

  • Audience – 40,152,765
  • Likes – 2,248,338
  • Comments – 14,046

Live Lokai, a relatively small company, reached millions of engaged consumers by partnering with popular celebrities and digital influencers to showcase their festival-friendly bracelets at Coachella. The influencer marketing campaign proved to be an extremely effective way increase brand awareness for a product that perfectly matched Coachella’s ethos and aesthetic.    

Goals—To introduce Live Lokai’s bracelets to Coachella audiences and festival-goers through social media collaborations with both celebrities and digital influencers.

Approach—The brand collaborated with both traditional celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Nina Dobrev as well as social media influencers like Kyra Santoro (kyrasantoroxx) and Melissa Eckman (melisfit_) to create engaging content designed to increase brand awareness for Coachella’s massive audiences—the ideal market for Live Lokai’s products.

Results—Live Lokai was a lesser-known brand at the start of Coachella, but the immense reach and high engagement generated by their influencer campaign made them one of the most talked-about companies at the festival. Live Lokai’s campaign reached over 40 million people, earned 2.2 million likes, and received 14,000 comments.