Logan Paul: Vine's Favorite Funny Guy Turned Leading Man

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Spotlight Feature: Logan Paul Vine Star’s Push For Stardom

Logan Paul wants to be the biggest entertainer in the world. He has said so, in multiple interviews with outlets like Adweek, TechInsider, and Tubefilter, going on to explain, “I’ll do whatever it takes to get that. As many hours as is needed.”

The 20-year-old social media star hails from the Midwest, but relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of stardom in 2013—encouraged by his victory in a Vine production contest. The move required him to drop out of college and so began Paul’s Vine career.

Read more to see Logan Paul Vine Star’s journey from social media influencer to emerging film star:

On his Vine channel, Paul posts funny, slightly absurdist 6-second clips. Paul is known to methodically plan, execute, and splice together his Vines. His risk-taking, determination, and efforts have clearly paid off, as his channel has garnered close to 4 billion loops (the Vine-universe’s equivalent for “views”) to date.

Paul is consistently ranked as one of Vine’s top stars and, coincidentally, takes up residence in a Hollywood apartment complex that houses several other Vine stars (with whom he frequently collaborates). What’s more: Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, is also one of the top social media stars (the two have shared the awkward honor of being nominated for the same awards).

Suffice it to say, Paul’s life is rooted firmly in the world of comedy Viners. His career is built on his social media presence. Fans adore him, as evidenced by his close to 9 million subscribers. Brands also love him, for his ability to develop surprising and appealing content around their products, as well as his willingness to get silly. This sponsored post for Dunkin’ Donuts, for example, offers a good sense of Paul’s overall vibe:

However, Paul has recently made headlines—not for his Vine channel but for his breakthrough into mainstream media. The Viner, who has acted in a few commercials and a brief cameo appearance on Law & Order, signed with major talent agency CAA back in December. CAA (the Creative Artists Agency) represents such A-list celebrities as Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, and George Clooney, so the signing was a big deal and a big indication of the future for Logan Paul. Many traditional Hollywood agencies are now signing top YouTubers (to see how talent agencies are working with digital influencers, check out our post “Can Hollywood Stay Relevant With Top YouTube Influencers“).

Since then, the media industry has been abuzz about The Thinning, The feature-length action/thriller which will be distributed sometime in 2016 by the giant Hollywood studio, Legendary Films, and stars Paul and fellow social media star Peyton List. As one of the first forays by a digital influencer onto the big screen, The Thinning is representative of a major shift in how the media landscape is changing. More and more traditional entertainment and TV networks are bringing on social media stars in an effort to leverage each influencer’s reach to drive traffic and views.

This week, it was announced that Logan Paul has also written his own movie, in which he will also star. Airplane Mode, which Paul describes as “The Expendables with internet stars” is already fully financed. As the film heads into production, it has become clear that Paul’s status has been bolstered from social media famous to emerging movie star.

It’s not just speculation. According to Adweek, Paul’s cameo helped boost Law & Order SVU‘s viewership by 20% among adults aged 18-34. His partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts in November prompted 25,000 gift card sales, representing 32% of the total number of gift card sales that the company made that month. Even Paul’s pet parrot, Maverick, has amassed a very respectable social media following.

As a new generation of Millennial-aged stars comes to the fore, so will the idea of what a “celebrity” or “social media influencer” is. More and more, talent is being bred and honed on the internet. Paul is an amazing example of the type of stardom that can be produced from doggedness, creativity, and a receptive and fostering platform.

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