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These Statistics Prove That Live Video Streaming Is A Growing Market

The livestreaming market is estimated to grow to more than $70 billion by 2021. Top social media influencers have expanded to livestreaming platforms and audiences have shown interest in the medium. In 2016, 81% of internet audiences viewed more live content than the year before. As a new platform for advertising, livestreaming shows serious retention and offers audiences deep access into the lives of their favorite social media influencers.

Launched in April 2016, is an isolated livestreaming service that is only available on mobile. Here we’ve gathered the most prominent statistics to evaluate the platform’s growth.

The Top 8 Statistics Marketers Need To Know offers many features where other livestreaming services fall short, including the ability to save live content and share it across platforms. Comparably, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and offer no such features.

1. 20 Million Users Are Active On celebrated its first birthday in April 2017 and reported 20 million users at that time. Though other livestreaming services boast a larger user count ( has 130M users, Facebook Live 1.8B, Instagram Live 600M, and YouTube Live 1B), is still showing promising user growth in its first stages.

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2. $60 Million Was Raised In’s May 2017 Funding Round

Cheetah Mobile, a Chinese mobile internet company that has a majority stake in, disclosed the details of the app’s most recent funding round, which brought in $60 million. Investors include Matrix Partners China and Evolution Media China among others. Extensive funding demonstrates great investor confidence in’s ability to attract users, influencers, and brands.

3. 200,000 Hours Of Content Is Produced Daily By Users’s 20 million users are busy and on any given day create 200,000 hours of content. For some perspective, 200,000 hours is equivalent to 8,333 days or approximately 22 years. Creators seem to be appreciating the app’s varied features and popular YouTubers regularly use the platform connect personally with fans.

4. Search Interest Is 4X Higher For Than For Competitor

According to Google Trends,, another live video streaming app, hasn’t been able to keep up with’s growing popularity. Interestingly, search interest in is highest in China with the United States showing the second highest search interest in the mobile app.

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5. 28 Of The Top 50 Creators Are Female

Though’s top users shift each week, females are seeing considerable success on the platform. In 2017, Ash Catash broadcasted the most hours (1,675) and Kristina Plisko received the most diamonds (44.1).

6. $1 Million Has Been Made By Creators Exclusively Through

In October 2016 (6 months after the app’s release) reported processing $1 million in payouts to creators. The app continues to be a profitable platform for social media influencers.

7. 1.1 Million People Tuned In To Watch A Stream By Popular YouTuber, Roman Atwood

Astoundingly, 1.1 million people watched a single stream of Roman Atwood demolishing a police car he owned with a monster truck. By comparison, there were only 1 million people in Times Square for New Year’s Eve in 2015.

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8. 25-Year-Olds And Young Adults Make Up The Majority Of’s Users

Millennials worldwide are flocking to the live video streaming service. Currently, is available in 6 languages and Cheetah Mobile reports that the company has developed image recognition technology allowing it to efficiently review thousands of live videos daily.

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