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Lifestyle Blogger Grace Atwood The Stripe

Grace Atwood, the lifestyle blogger behind The Stripe (formerly Stripes & Sequins), is no stranger when it comes to exactly what works in social media. Before she became online jewelry retailer BaubleBar’s sixth employee (she currently is their Director of Social Media), Grace worked in the corporate world and started blogging as a creative outlet. What began 5 years ago (2010) as a passion project, grew steadily into a hugely successful blog known for it’s well-curated DIY tutorials and has been featured in all the world’s top media outlets including Yahoo, AOL, Refinery29, StyleBistro, and PopSugar.

The Stripe showcases Grace’s well-curated style, DIY, beauty, home, travel, and wellness posts in addition to beautifully photographed visuals. Ms. Atwood has presented at General Assembly’s Social Marketing Summit, been featured in Birchbox’s Holiday Gift Series, and has worked with a variety of blog sponsorships including Blue Apron.

Check out Grace’s feature interview where she details her breakout moment, how blogging has increasingly more commercial, and how good story telling in an age of visual/video-dominant social media will “become even more important.”

How did you get started blogging? I started my blog in 2010 just for fun…I wanted a place to share the things that inspired me. I’d post an image, and some text…my blog was pretty ugly back then!

What was your first blog post? Haha, it was about a Chan Luu Bracelet I’d just bought. Literally just a photo of the bracelet and a paragraph about why I liked her bracelets.

What was your breakout moment? I think it was when some of the DIYs I’d done on my site started to get noticed. A few bigger sites linked to me and put me on lists like “Top Ten DIY Fashion Blogs” and from there, my audience began to grow.

Have you ever written anything that’s gone viral? Yes…a few friendship bracelet tutorials!

How has blogging changed since you got started? It’s gotten a lot more commercial. I think it’s amazing that we, as bloggers, can earn a living from our work…but I also miss the days where everything was all organic, and blogging was about discovery + finding new cool things.

Where do you see blogging evolving? I think it will continue to get more visual. At the same time, I think story telling will become even more important, as everyone can just get what they need from you on Instagram. It’s more important to tell a story and give your readers a reason to visit your actual site as opposed to just your social media channels.

What’s on your list of daily reads? There are so many! Honestly WTF, Victoria McGinley, A Piece of Toast, Sequins & Stripes, Look Linger Love, Bows & Sequins, and Corals & Cognacs are my fave blogs right now (I probably left something off). I also read Elle + Vogue, Mashable, Tech Crunch…and Fug Girls for fun.

How do you keep up with social media? I’m always looking at Instagram… but honestly I have to make an effort to unplug more. It can be such a time-suck… You go on Facebook or Instagram and lose two hours! I’ve been using Coschedule and to schedule a lot of my content, which helps.

If you had more time, what would you do more of? More DIYs and more recipes!

What advice would you give to a blogger just getting started? Stick with it. It’s a lot of work, but if you are consistent and work hard at understanding your readers + what they want, it can be very rewarding!

What’s your advice to brands looking to build a campaign or partner with bloggers? Tailor your approach, and think before you email! I receive so many blanket emails…it’s very overwhelming. It’s nice when a brand takes the time to get to know my site prior to reaching out.

Photo from Grace Atwood’s The Stripe Lifestyle Blog

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