Is Silicon Beach The Hub For Influencer Marketing Companies?

Los Angeles Influencer Marketing Companies Enjoy Strategic Startup Location And Advantages

Few locations in the world offer influencer marketing companies a startup platform like Silicon Beach. In recent years we’ve seen the rise of several companies (think Snapchat) right along the beaches of Venice and Santa Monica. YouTube’s Space LA (one of only six locations in the world) has developed many successful tech companies tied to the YouTube ecosystem including Tongal, Zephyr, Epoxy TV, and a variety of MCNs (most notably Maker Studios — bought for nearly $1 billion by entertainment giant Walt Disney).

Although the seriousness of Silicon Beach’s tech boon may not have been recognized until late, Los Angeles is not without it’s own history of technology firsts. The Los Angeles-based MySpace (bought by Yahoo) was the original, career-boosting social networking platform for many celebrities, artists, and musicians. Coincidentally, many of today’s digital influencers are taking to social media technology developed right here in Silicon Beach including Venice’s own, Snapchat.

What Is Silicon Beach?

Silicon Beach is a burgeoning Los Angeles tech scene alternative to San Francisco bay’s, Silicon Valley. Specifically, Silicon Beach refers to the Santa Monica, Venice, Playa del Rey, and Culver City communities but the term is quickly expanding to include Los Angeles in general. Many top tech companies have recently opened offices or purchased property in these areas including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Furthermore, “major Hollywood players like The Walt Disney Co. and Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. have launched startup accelerators to help local tech entrepreneurs,” writes Inc. magazine.

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The Ideal Intersection of Social Media Influencers And Tech May Be On The Beach Of Santa Monica

Influencer Marketing Companies Los Angeles Silicon Beach Hub

The Los Angeles fitness, food, and fashion scene draws many of the world’s top YouTubers and digital influencers who choose to couple these lifestyle amenities with the professional opportunities afforded by LA’s major entertainment and production companies. The alluring combination of a beach lifestyle, Hollywood, and thriving metropolis continues to draw both top influencer and tech talent to Los Angeles. Tech startups and influencer marketing companies are savvy to bridge the gap between top influencers and advertisers looking to capitalize on lifestyle consumer audiences.

With easy access to top YouTube content creators and upcoming Snapchat celebrities, influencer marketing companies in Los Angeles have a definite ecosystem advantage. Furthermore, Los Angeles boasts a longstanding stout infrastructure of traditional marketing, advertising, and PR agencies eager to leverage the recent Silicon Beach tech advancements to firmly transition into seamless, integrated digital marketing that leverages influential Instagrammers, bloggers, and YouTubers to effectively reach consumers across all touch points. Just earlier this week, Arnold Schwarzenegger aligned with top YouTubers including MachinimaOlga KayIISuperwomanIIMatthew Santoro, and Toby Turner, to create a promotional web series, Terminator Genisys: The YouTube Chronicles — firm evidence that even the largest and most recognized brands turn directly to advertising with YouTubers to generate awareness, buzz, and targeted consumer engagement. It’s difficult to imagine these types of industry-edge collaborations easily occurring outside of the Silicon Beach ecosystem.

Because leading influencer marketing companies like Mediakix, MCNs (TasteMade, Kin Community, Fullscreen, Style Haul), Famebit, YouTube influencer agencies, and others are privy to both a wealth of production services and a local “hometown” network of top influencers, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles influencer marketing companies are well poised to be the next Silicon Beach breakthrough venture. Influencer marketing agencies in Santa Monica and adjoining Silicon Beach communities are at the epicenter of tech, entertainment, and what may be the next blockbuster revolution in digital integrated online marketing and advertising.