Influencer Spotlight: Matt & Amanda, Top YouTuber Vlog Channel

Matthias Fredrick Amanda Faye YouTube Vlog Interview

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Exclusive Feature Interview With Top YouTubers, Matt & Amanda

Matt & Amanda are YouTube’s sweetest vlogging couple with over 435,000 subscribers on their combined channel. Individually, they are even more impressive. Matt, short for Matthias, has over 1.5M subscribers on his own channel, which focuses on comedy sketches and hilarious commentary on everyday life. Amanda is the content creator behind her channel, ItsAmandaFaye, which centers around her fashion and beauty looks and vlogs. Together, these YouTube superstars have documented their lives, from their travel honeymoon to their recent newborn.

Check out our exclusive interview with Matt and Amanda, and how they navigate their YouTube careers together:

To Matt & Amanda:

What are three things that your relationship can’t survive without?

Communication, quality time together, and trust.

How has vlogging/creating videos strengthened your relationship?

It’s strengthened our relationship in many aspects, by working together we strengthen our ability to communicate and be creative, when we share ideas we become closer in a very intimate way. We also get to experience new things together as a couple with the vlog channel and get to step out of our comfort zones.

  Both of you have separate YouTube/other social media accounts as well as a joint channel. How do you manage the work that you do on your own and the work you do together? Honestly, it’s all about time management. It can sometimes be hard to juggle all the channels and social accounts at once especially when there are things going on in our personal lives that we have to focus on or get distracted by, but the more you do something on a daily basis it gets easier. When one of us can’t handle the burden, we do our best to communicate it so the other can take over. On your joint and individual channels, how do you choose what kind of brands to partner with? This is a relatively easy task for us. Does the brand resonate with our values? Does that brand have a purpose for existing, do people need what they make? Are they passionate, or just trying to make a dollar? A lot of this stuff can be easily derived from just looking at the brand’s service/products. Sometimes we don’t know much about the brand at all, and have to do a bit of research, but the biggest thing is will it work for us, and our viewers. What is your favorite video on your partner’s channel? We actually have a playlist of our favorite memories, some videos are documenting big events in our lives, some videos just the small moments we want to keep forever.

To Matt:

?: @amanda.faye   A photo posted by Matthias (@matthiasiam) on

How did you first get into comedy?

I first got into comedy when I started making videos. I never really thought of myself as a comedian, but I thought I would do my best to make a funny video or two and people seemed to enjoy it!

How do you come up with your material?

I taught myself a while back to look at everything for inspiration, a great trick is whenever I laugh, I try to think about how I can translate that same joke, moment, or memory into a laugh for my viewers.

What piece of work or video are you most proud of?

I am very proud of how Let’s Play: Real Life turned out. It’s a video I did with Markiplier. I didn’t really have a vision before I started it, I just let myself find the visual aesthetic along the way and really enjoyed out it turned out. I even wrote the music for it!

To Amanda:

Where do you get your inspiration for your videos?

My interests vary week by week, so usually whatever I find inspiring at the moment will heavily sway the videos I make.

How was it to vlog and create videos while you were pregnant?

Extremely difficult, most of the time it was Matthias finding moments where I didn’t feel sick when we would talk to our viewers. It was hard, but looking back It was worth it to capture what it was like.

What is one product that every girl should have?

Coconut oil! It is something that I consistently use for everything from skin, to hair, to teeth, it has so many purposes and if you buy from the right brands, it’s all natural!

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