Instagrammer Spotlight: Josh Ostrovsky, The Fat Jewish

Josh Ostrovsky’s sponsored YouTube video campaign with Three Jerks Jerky

Why Josh Ostrovsky “The Fat Jew” Entertains Millennials, Major Brands

Known for his corpulent figure and hairstyle, Josh Ostrovsky is anything but subtle. Ostrovsky, who refers to himself as “a Jew unicorn,” launched to fame with his outrageous brand of humor via his Instagram channel, @TheFatJewish. Josh Ostrovsky’s often coarse material has attracted 5.7M followers, and while he has more than his share of detractors, his fan base is both staggering and climbing.

Born and raised in New York City, Ostrovsky attended several universities before ultimately becoming an alumnus of SUNY Albany. After graduation, he used his alter-ego “The Fat Jew” to host parties and various gigs before joining Instagram in 2012. In addition to his own channel, Josh Ostrovsky is also the creator of Instagram accounts @ToastMeetsWorld and @MuppetsRevenge (his pets) both of which have a combined follower count of 337K. 

With his vast reach and highly engaging content, Ostrovsky joins the ranks of other prominent social media influencers who have partnered with major companies for brand-sponsored content and sponsorship opportunities (see our post here on how to create sponsored content with Instagram influencers). Josh Ostrovsky’s brand sponsorships include Burger King (detailed below) and Three Jerks Jerky (as seen in video above). 

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Brand Sponsorships Targeting Millennial Consumers

Like the Smosh Bros. and Grace Helbig, The Fat Jewish is one of the social media influencers crossing over into traditional media. Top Hollywood talent agency, CAA (Creative Artists Agency), recently signed Ostrovsky. In addition to several high profile brand sponsorships, Ostrovsky has also released his own line of wine, White Girl Rosé and a forthcoming book slated for release this fall titled, Money Pizza Respect, in association with Grand Central Publishing.

The success of Ostrovsky’s viral social media content is attributed to his ability to appeal to a wide audience and forge a strong connection. Though his content is mostly centered around pop-culture, his followers are able to relate to him through their own social identity. In a Digiday interview regarding The Fat Jew’s online persona, digital agency exec Lauren Bello notes, “these social personalities give customers a platform to talk about themselves and say, ‘this is so me!'” 

Brands are leveraging influencers, like Ostrovsky, to reach and message their followers. High reach social media accounts can have millions of followers, who actively subscribe and seek out content specific to the influencer. In addition to his online brand partnerships, Ostrovsky debuts his line of clothing to debut at NYFW. Ostrovsky’s highly-visual content is mainly on Instagram. Instagram has over 300M active users and 2.5B likes are generated daily. With such constant engagement, Instagram has been advertisers’ preferred platform, reaching Millennials with the majority of users in the coveted 18-29 demographic.

Josh Ostrovsky The Fat Jewish

image via The New York Times “A Shortcut to Comic Celebrity”

Ostrovsky uses his eccentric brand of humor to reach a wide audience of teens and Millennials that view his content daily. In a recent partnership with Burger King, Ostrovsky tattoos the logo and ‘chicken fries’ in commemoration of the fast food chain’s campaign to bring back a discontinued menu item. Burger King’s chicken fries campaign saw immediate success, boosting sales by 6.7%, the best performance for the chain in almost a decade.

Ostrovsky’s has aligned with a millennial audience, who have become the most populous demographic in the United States. Millennials annually contribute $200B worth of purchases. As such, brands who are attempting to market towards a millennial audience, would seek to sponsor influencers who resonate and elicit high levels of engagement (likes, shares, comments, tags) with Millennials. David Arabov, CEO and co-founder of Elite Daily (a leading digital publisher geared towards Millennials), says of a recent study “our findings confirmed that Millennials are highly educated, career-driven, politically progressive and despite popular belief, do indeed develop strong brand loyalty when presented with quality products and actively engaged by brands.”

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