20 Instagram Twins That Will Make You Do A Double-Take

instagram twins

Influencer Twins: 20 Top Instagram Twins Reach More Than 26M Followers

UPDATE March 6, 2020 —What is it about twins that we find so intriguing? From the iconic Mary-Kate and Ashley to Disney channel’s Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Hollywood has made one thing clear: twins are in. The popularity of twins in entertainment has also transferred over to social media, with the 20 most popular Instagram twins collectively reaching an astounding 26,671,000 followers— and counting.

As with most social media influencers, Instagram twins’ success is tied to the ability to post content that’s both appealing, relatable, and unique. Considering identical twins make up only 1 of every 250 births, twins have a built-in boost in the uniqueness department. Factor in striking style, stunning features, a great sense of humor, or stellar gymnastics skills by two, and twin influencers have a winning Instagram combo. People are naturally curious about what it’s like as an identical twin, and Instagram twins capitalize on that.

On Instagram, influencer twins have even created their own niche that’s garnered an impressive following. While some twins opt to have individual accounts, we explore the twinning trend of joint accounts and shared followings. Come meet the most popular Instagram twins of 2020 and see why these dynamic duos are one of a kind.

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Top 20 Instagram Influencer Twins

1. Brooklyn and Bailey (@brooklynandbailey) – 5.5M Followers

Instagram Twin example

Texas twins Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight first entered the social media scene back in 2009. Their Instagram bio puts it well—twinning is trending. Starting out as models for their mother’s DIY hairstyle tutorials on YouTube, the sisters branched out on their own to create a channel focused on typical teen girl topics, including fashion, makeup, and fun. That same channel now has 6.7 million subscribers. In 2017, they made the Forbes list of Top Influencers.

2. Dolan Twins (@dolantwins) – 4.6M Followers

Instagram Twins Dolan

American comedy duo Ethan and Grayson Dolan drew the attention of the internet on Vine in 2013. The pair quickly became famous on YouTube as well, with 10.7 million subscribers to date. They’ve been signed to AwesomenessTV since 2015 and won two awards at the 2016 Teen Choice ceremony.

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3. Niki and Gabi (@niki & @gabi) – 3.7M & 4.2M Followers

niki gabi demartino instagram twins

Although they do not share a joint Instagram, this list would not be complete without fraternal twins Niki and Gabi DeMartino. Their individual followings are impressive and combined they reach almost 8 million Instagram followers. The self-proclaimed “opposite twins” create beauty, fashion and lifestyle content and have partnered with notable brands such as 23andMe, Wet Seal, TooFaced, and Postmates.

4. McClure Twins (@mccluretwins) – 2M Followers

Example of twins on instagram

Ava and Alexis McClure, collectively known as “the McClure Twins,” are only 7 years-old. Born in 2013, the American twin models are best known for their YouTube video “Twins Realize They Look the Same,” which went viral and accumulated 6 million views. The two cute kids are already famous on YouTube with over 1 million subscribers tuning in to watch their weekly family vlogs. The McClure Twins also made it to Forbes list of “Top 10 Kid Influencers” in 2017.

5. Gülcan & Sahinur Twins (@thegstwins) – 2M Followers

GS Twins Instagram

22-year-old twin sisters from Germany, Gulcan and Sahinur, began their joint Instagram account in July 2015. The stylish and photogenic sisters post eye-catching images of color-coordinated fashion. They also advertise their Snapchat account.

6. SiAngie Twins (@siangietwins) – 1.8M Followers

Siangie Twins

Sianney and Angelise Garcia, better known as the SiAngie Twins, are the younger sisters of boxer Danny Garcia. At only 16 years old, the pair realized their natural gift for singing and rapping. Their impressive beats earned them more than 3.4 million fans on TikTok and over 376,000 subscribers on YouTube.

7. Clements Twins (@clementstwins) – 1.6M Followers

Instagram Twins

Ava Marie and Lea Rose Clement are two pint-sized stunners that we hope to hear more from in the future. Their mother, Jaqi, is the mastermind behind their famous Instagram account. There, she shares photos of the girls and their family, always featuring striking styles and unique poses. The young Instagram twins also have 92,000 subscribers on YouTube.

8. Clermont Twins (@theclermonttwins) – 1.5M Followers

Clermont Twins

Shannon and Shannade are twins who are hard to miss. With 40-inch long hair, designer fashion, and tiny designer dogs to match, the Clermont Twins are the essence of glamour. Known collectively as the Clermont Twins, they first made their mark in the public eye on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club in 2015. True to the title, their lives are not without scandal, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming powerful Instagram influencers.

9. Merrell Twins (@merrelltwins) – 1.4M Followers

Merrell Twins

Identical Instagram twins Veronica Jo Merrell and Vanessa Jo Merrell (born August 6, 1996), are best known from their popular YouTube channel which boasts 5.14 million subscribers. Their funny and relatable sketches and vlogs earned them roles in AwesomenessTV videos and recurring parts on The CW’s “Jane the Virgin.”

10. Official Les Twins (@officiallestwins) – 1.3M Followers

instagram twins

Known online as Les Twins, identical twin Instagram influencers Laurent Nicolas and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois are photogenic dancers, models, and designers hailing from France. Their talent spills into multiple creative fields—the pair has released two songs, and are often referred to by their nicknames, “Lil Beast” and “Ca Blaze.” In addition to their success on Instagram, they have over 982,000 followers on YouTube.

11. Organic Twins (@organic_twins) – 408K Followers

instagram twins organic twins

Brothers Reval and Rubin own an online fitness program and together inspire over 400K followers. With Instagram as their main platform, these fitness models use their large following to document workouts, provide diet tips, and share their envied physiques.

12. Combs Twins (@the_combs_twins) – 351K Followers

instagram twins

Daughters of Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, 11-year-old twins Jessie James Combs and D’Lila Star Combs are already making a name for themselves. Jessie James was seen on the runway at petiteParade NY Kids Fashion Week at the age of 5. She was also featured on the season finale of Making the Band 4, while D’Lila accompanied her famous father to countless events and shows.

13. K2 Brothers (@k2brothers) – 333K Followers

k2brothers twin instagram influencers

It’s no surprise the South African Kotze twins became social media sensations. While incredibly difficult to tell apart, both brothers have standout careers as male models. The brothers were raised in humble beginnings as family vegetable farmers before 2013 when they were approached by a TV producer. They have since been featured in Cosmopolitan, People, and shared a double cover on Men’s Health Magazine.  

14. Caci Twins (@cacitwins) – 323K Followers

cacitwins instagram twins

Payton and Mikahl Caci turned heads when they joined Jake Paul’s Team 10 influencer squad in 2019. While they are well-known for their clickbait YouTube videos, the fashion influencers spend most of their time modeling fast-fashion clothing brands on Instagram.

15. Montoya Twins (@montoyatwinz) – 308K Followers

instagram twins

Social stars Mya and Myka Montoya are identical twins originally from Clovis, New Mexico. While they’re popular on Instagram, they’re best known for their joint YouTube channel where they post comedic challenges, vlogs, product recommendations, and occasional tutorials. They currently have 558,000 subscribers.

16. Badura Twins (@thebaduratwins) – 257K Followers

instagram twins

Growing up in London, both sisters began modeling at an early age, with appearances in photo spreads and editorials through their teenage years. In 2015, they appeared in Playboy’s online Amateur series. Their Instagram account is quite prolific, with plenty of photos of their modeling and day-to-day lifestyle. Their YouTube account has a similar focus, but with more in-depth tutorials and tips.

17. Messitt Twins (@messitttwins) – 223K Followers

instagram twins

Remember when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played the youngest member of the “Full House” Tanner sister trio? Toddler twins Dashiell and Fox Messitt are following in their footsteps on the set of “Fuller House.” On the spin-off of the original series, the twins have shared the role of Tommy Fuller Jr. since before they could crawl. The twins also have a mom-managed YouTube channel, with behind-the-scenes looks at the Fuller House set and funny, family-friendly accounts of their real lives.

18. Kaplan Twins (@the_kaplan_twins) – 205K Followers

instagram twins kaplan twins

The Kaplan sisters share more than just joint social media accounts, they share the same profession as well. Identical twins Lexi and Allie are both artists who use their influential following to cash in on their social media culture-based paintings.

19. The O’Donnell Sisters (@theodolls) – 201K Followers

instagram twins

There’s nothing quite as intense as the competition of a national beauty pageant. Unless, of course, you’re competition looks just like you. Twins Daisey and Ellie O’Donnell competed in the 2016 Miss England pageant, and have modeled for Lipsy and Hollister. Their photos on Instagram range from sweet to sultry, and all with their signature style.

20. Sharp Twins (@thesharptwins) – 162K Followers

sharp twins influencers

Clad with silver chain necklaces and 90’s fashion, these twins know how to demand attention. The Sharp twins entertain their Instagram, TikTok and YouTube followers with synchronized dances and often collab with other popular twin duos like the Mescia twins.

The Top 5 Twins Taking Over TikTok

1. Dobre Twins (@dobretwins) – 20.1M Followers

instagram twins

Yes, thats 20.1 MILLION followers. TikTok brothers Lucas and Marcus Dobre-Mofid, like many, got their start on Vine. The twins are both skilled dancers, showcasing their talent on YouTube through funny skits, pranks, gymnastics stunts, vlogs, and challenges. Their following on YouTube also rings in at a massive 19.2 million followers.

2. The Stokes Twins (@stokestwins) – 16.7M Followers

stokes twin instagram

Identical twins Alex and Alan are best known for the short skit videos they create on TikTok. The twins also share a YouTube account where they post synchronized choreography videos, storytimes, and pranks.

3. Twin Melody (@twinmelody) – 11.9M Followers

instagram twin melody

Singer and songwriters Paula and Aitana Etxeberria are the pipes behind TikTok duo Twin Melody. Even more popular on YouTube than Instagram, they currently have over 1 million subscribers. They also won a singing competition in Basque called A ze banda that helped bring additional attention to the vocal duo.

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4. Rybka Twins (@rybkatwins) – 9.6M Followers

instagram twins rybka

TikTok twin sisters Teagan and Sam Rybka first drew attention on Australia’s Got Talent with a mindblowing contortion act. On their dance and gymnastics focused Instagram channel, they share fun challenges, tutorials, reviews of athletic wear, and moments from their daily lives. Their joint YouTube channel has been well received also, with nearly 6.5 million subscribers to date.

5. Martinez Twins (@martineztwins) – 7M Followers

instagram twins

Twins Ivan and Emilio Martinez are best known as the Martinez twins and are famous for their role in Jake Paul’s Team 10 group. The two brothers are originally from Spain but have since moved to Los Angeles. When they left Team 10, they didn’t hesitate to pursue further YouTube attention with a channel of their own. There, they post humorous vlogs and pranks for their nearly 5 million subscribers.