Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat: Which Do Influencers Prefer?

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Best Social Media Influencers Survey

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat: Top Influencers Pick Best Social Media Platform

From 2014-2015, social media marketing grew 55% to nearly $11B with ad spend projected to reach $14B by 2018. Just in 2016, $3.2B has been spent on Instagram alone. While Snapchat has led the way for social media mobile app messaging and product innovations (capturing the attention spans of an entire millennial demographic), Facebook-owned Instagram has been quick to mimic these innovations and offer their own unique functionalities thus differentiating the two platforms (e.g. ability to tag users in Instagram Stories).

As brands and advertisers are continually seeking to evaluate the best social media platform, we surveyed a few of the platforms’ top content creators, popular Instagrammers and Snapchatters (also generally termed as social media influencers) for their insight and take on which is best between Instagram vs. Snapchat. In addition to having intimate working knowledge of both platforms, many of these top Instagrammers and Snapchat influencers have experienced rapid growth and engagement on each making for a percipient head-to-head comparison.

What Top Social Media Influencers Think Of Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

We spoke with the following social media influencers to better assess and understand how Instagram and Snapchat stack up against one another in terms of growth, engagement, social following, views, and more:

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories Best Social Media Platform Influencers

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat: Which One Wins If You Must Pick One?

Merrick’s Art: I personally like Snapchat better. I was on it for almost a year before Instagram Stories was introduced, so it feels a little more comfortable. Maybe it’s the filters?? 😉

Hapa Time: Business-wise, definitely Instagram. Since the images last longer than 24 hours they are more likely to go viral which is always good 🙂 Also it is easier to get recognized by brands and to be discovered, since there is no current way to explore users on Snapchat.

Glam Life Guru: Snapchat—more fun, more engagement—it’s basically my daily vlog.

Alex Lange: If only one of them existed, I would definitely use Snapchat. I feel like Snapchat gives more opportunities for influencers to make creative, fun, and original content. The interface is MUCH more user-friendly, and the additions of gorgeous color filters and a coloring pen are definitely a must-use. The Snapchat Geofilters and face-filters also give it more of an edge over Instagram Stories.


Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: Which One Is Growing Faster For Top Influencers?

Merrick’s Art: Instagram.

Hapa Time: Instagram since I hardly post on Snapchat anymore, thanks to Instagram Stories!

Glam Life Guru: Snapchat.

Alex Lange: Instagram is growing slightly faster, since it’s newer, but Snapchat grows fast and at a steady rate.


For Top Instagrammers & Snapchatters, Which Platform Sees The Most Engagement?

Merrick’s Art: Instagram, for the most part.

Hapa Time: Instagram! I’ve been on Instagram longer and am better at curating content than being spontaneous though that is something I’m working on improving 🙂

Glam Life Guru: Snapchat.

Alex Lange: I see more engagement on my Snapchat posts, since I think the people who add you on Snapchat are the more dedicated, interested fans since they have to actually add you as a friend, whereas Instagram Stories is available to all your followers.


Which Platform Has More Followers? Instagram vs. Snapchat

Merrick’s Art: Instagram.

Hapa Time: It is larger on Instagram 🙂

Glam Life Guru: Instagram is still larger with the number of followers, but Snapchat kills it on daily engagement.

Alex Lange: I get more views on Instagram Stories, with an average of 170K views compared to Snapchat’s 140K.


Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat: The Verdict & Takeaway

Based on this survey, Instagram seems to be the preference and winner decided by top influencers for growth rate and sheer number of followers. Engagement (likes, comments, shares, views) was the only area where influencers were evenly split on which platform was best. For a deeper look into how top Instagram influencer engagement compares with the best brands on Instagram, view our case study here.

While Instagram may have bested Snapchat in this round, all is not lost for the disappearing messaging app and camera company. When polled on which platform they’d choose over the other, Snapchat was the winner. This result bodes well for Snapchat as influencer affinities can be quite critical to the overall success (e.g. Facebook Video & Live) or demise (e.g. Vine) of social media platforms.

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